Which diet is the right one for me?

I am battling with my weight at the moment and really struggling to lose the extra pounds that I have gained since giving birth to Beth and quitting smoking. I really dislike the way that I look and how it is affecting my confidence. In fact in the last 2 months I have managed to put on nearly a whole stone! A stone!! I was looking at a picture I shared the other day on Instagram of myself and my mum and back then I didn’t think much of myself but looking at the picture I realised I was actually quite pretty back then and I really don’t change much so despite being older I look the same just a lot fatter! I really want to lose weight but which diet is right for me?

I am aware that I am overweight and I am aware that I need to do something about it however I am struggling to find the right way for me to do it. I can’t afford to join the gym, I can go on walks and we were enjoying it but recently Beth has been so poorly that we haven’t managed to get out on them.This is something I will be starting again with the help of my new trusted friend my fitbit charge 2.  In this post I want to share my thoughts on the diets I have heard of, people I know who have succeeded on them and my general thoughts. I would be interested to know which diets you have tried and how you managed to drop the pounds.

Slimming World

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Slimming world is a diet I have actually tried myself and it kind of worked, and the reason I say kind of is because I started it and all was good. I loved the fact you could eat loads and lose weight however I soon got very tired of chopping stuff and living off tomatoes and garlic. As delicious as they are it feels like almost every recipe includes a tin of tomatoes and some garlic. I even bought myself a little food processor to help with the prep time but realistically in a world where I have 5 children , 1 of them being a toddler another 1 being a baby I can’t really spend hours and hours each day chopping.

Now I KNOW slimming world works and I have friends and family who have followed it religiously and had some very amazing results from it. One friend has lost over 10 stone and my sister-in-law has dramatically changed in just over a year. In that aspect I know the results are real and it works.

Personally I lost a little bit of heart when I have followed it myself to the book, religiously not even allowing myself to go even the tiniest bit off the rails and then remained the same weight or dropped only 1/2 lb and others doing it along side me are eating chocolate bars, having take-away and losing weight faster and easier. It makes you lose faith.

Weight Watchers

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I am not entirely sure how weight watchers works now but when I was growing up my mum actually went onto weight watchers and lost a massive 7 stone! Each food had points and you were allowed a certain amount of points each day depending on your weight. It was easy to follow as the book covered most things and their points but I have never tried this diet myself. It is one of the diets I am currently considering. Other than my mum , I can’t personally say that I know anyone that this has worked for.  We all read the stories in magazines and online but I prefer to hear from people I actually know, real people so I can see for myself if it works or not.

The Cambridge Diet

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When it comes to the Cambridge diet I haven’t even attempted it. Again I personally know someone who did incredible on the diet however I also saw them writing status’ on social media about how they were feeling awful during some of the stages of it. I don’t like the fact that it appears to be a diet where you barely eat anything. I know in order to lose weight you need to restrict your calorie intake but when does it become a case of you are taking that little calories that it makes you feel unwell? This is purely based on what I have seen of this diet and not having any true and full knowledge of how it works. I also think the fact you have to get a doctor to agree to let you on it makes me wary. Especially when I struggle to see a doctor when I’m sick let alone to just sign a form.

The Slim Fast Diet 

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Slim fast is something I was looking at recently as I know when I was younger it was all about shakes but from what I can gather now they have included snacks and meals to the equation making it much more appealing. I don’t however personally know anybody at all that has lost weight with slim fast and after it being around so long you would think you would be able to speak to at least one person you know that has had a successful journey on it.


So which diet is right for me?

I genuinely don’t know but I know I need something,  I adore going to the gym and there is one down the road from me with the local leisure centre which is fantastic but I’m not currently in a position where I can go to it. Equally paying to go to slimming clubs isn’t really an option at the moment. Having no car means that to join a group I have to pay not only the weekly fee but also to get there. In the summer months it isn’t too bad as I could walk but in the winter I don’t fancy walking the streets in the dark.

I REALLY want to lose 4 stone and I want to do it for nobody else but myself, to feel a little healthier, a little less sluggish and to make sure I have plenty of energy. I want to be able to get up early after a fully nights sleep and drag everyone out for a family walk or even a bike ride. I also want to be able to run around after my kids, play football without being self-conscious that everyone is watching the fatty play.

the motivation to lose the weight, I WANT to lose weight but I genuinely don’t know which direction is best for me. I have an addictive personality and love exercising and swimming but its finding the motivation and money to start.

What diets have you tried? which would you recommend? Do you have any before and after photos that you could share to inspire me?

I would love to hear from anyone who has already lost weight or who is in the same situation as me and could maybe team up to motivate each other

Thanks for reading





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4 thoughts on “Which diet is the right one for me?

  1. Iv tried most things & some worked to a point & then it stopped so it upset me the one I’m doing now is perfect for me all delicious even get to eat home made chocolate cake without feeling guilty lol if you ever need help give me a shout x

  2. I lost over 10 stone on Slimming world and it’s the only diet I’ve ever liked because it’s real food and not shakes etc! I need big proper meals I so couldn’t make do with just a shake or tiny scraps for a meal lol.

    1. I think slimming world is possibly the best one for me and I need to be stricter with it 🙂 you’ve done amazing!

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