Dads Appreciation : They aren’t all useless

I have sat back and watched men get slated left, right and centre. I’ve also experience my fair share of arseholes. However I realised recently that sometimes Dads need a little appreciation and they aren’t all useless.

After spending quite a lot of time recently chatting to Dad Bloggers and reading the things they blog about it got me thinking. So many dad’s are given a bad name. They don’t bother contacting their children. When they do it just leads to upset. They let them down time and time again and I’ve even known dads who just vanish completely off the face of the earth. The dads I speak to are constantly sharing their adventures with their little ones. Showing the quality time they spend together and just proving that just because a large handful of men are useless not all of them are.


We should spend more time on the ‘good’ ones

Instead of focusing on the dads who don’t and will never deserve the title why don’t we focus on the REAL dads out there. By this I do not in any way shape or form mean biological. I have met so many men who have entered into new relationships and taken on their partners children as if they were their very own. It takes more than a 3 second session in a bed to create a father ( sorry was 3 seconds too long? haha).

Gareth did exactly this when he met me, I already had 3 children from my previous marriage and despite now having 2 of our own together he absolutely dotes on every single one of the children. I don’t do night feeds, Gareth loves to do them as its the only time he can get quality one on one time with Bethie the baby. I don’t very often to the morning with the kids, Gareth does it as he enjoys the quality sleepy time snuggled on the sofa. He also does all of the school runs. This isn’t because I won’t do these things its because he genuinely loves to spend time with them.

Why have I chosen to highlight and appreciate Dads today?

Recently something happened in my personal life that made me stand back and realise that sometimes you just have to appreciate the people that are around for your children. Appreciate the dads that do look after their children every day of every week and those who despite not having full time access ensuring that their children know they are around when they need them and are checking on them to make sure they’re OK.

I stood back and realised that my children really do have one of the best dads in the entire world and how lucky we all are to have him in our lives. He kisses their knees better if they fall. Cleans up their sick and takes care of them when they’re ill. He does more than most and I really appreciate it. I know he isn’t the only dad to do it so I just wanted to show that not all Dads are bad and sometimes we need to stand back and realise just how lucky we are.

If you would like to check out some of their blogs here are a few of my favourites, they are a mixture of humour, events and more serious stuff but hopefully you will enjoy reading them as much as I do. 

OMG its a girl – I love this blog because you can clearly see how much he adores his daughter and loves to spend time with her. He is also very honest and can be quite funny.

Blog of a dad – This dad writes about things that even us mums can relate too. He shares with us worries, milestones and even a touch of humour.

Daddy Poppins – His humour really makes me chuckle, I’m not sure that’s because secretly I have the humour of a 5 year old or not but he genuinely makes me laugh. Look out for his breaking news stories.

Single dads are cool – In his blog this dad covers everything from the deeper thoughts , general parenting to food and travel he really does cover a bit of everything.

One Hull of a Dad – I love this dads blog because it shows that it isn’t just us mums who have these thoughts and feelings about our kids. Dads do too!

Inside Martyns Thoughts – This dad blogger really deserves his work to be recognised, If you take time to read his blog you will learn so much about him as a person and the things he does with his children. He shows that not everything in life needs to be taboo. He talks about how he home educates and it looks like he thoroughly enjoys it too.

These are just a few in a large amount of dad bloggers who spend their time making sure they are around for their children. Just the pure fact that they are dad bloggers in the first place shows that they are more than worthy of even just a little bit of appreciation.


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