Our Crazy Week – Pride, Pain and Hospital

WOW what a week we’ve had, I don’t know where to begin!. The beginning of the week was going smoothly, the older children were continuing their exam weeks and receiving some results. Annabelles teacher called me over to show me her excellent handwriting ( Annabelles writing usually resembles and ant crawling over the paper with a pen in its hand) and things were generally good then things got a little bit crazy!

He Dropped the garage on my head!

Wednesday morning I was walking out of the garage as usual to take the older 2 and their friend to school. We walk through the back garden and out of the garage to the car ( purely because I am too lazy to walk all the way round. As we were walking through the garage Harry let go of it thinking that everyone was out. Only I wasn’t! The garage door had a couple of screws sticking out and then kindly landed IN MY HEAD!

Somehow I managed to get everyone to school before going to the walk in clinic where they said due to it being 2 small puncture wounds that they couldn’t do anything to it ( there was nothing there to glue just holes) and to expect a big headache. I was fine and by the evening was in quite a lot of pain with my neck but nothing too worrying.

Really an Ambulance?

Thursday morning I woke up still achy from the whole garage incident but felt OK, Gareth on the other hand woke up shivering with a temperature so I sent him back to bed as I carried out the motherly tasks of the day. By Thursday night despite having paracetamol and ibuprofen to bring down his temperature and plenty of rest in bed, it wasn’t working and he was still very shaky. He called 111 for advice and next thing we know is 2 paramedics are walking through our garage ( don’t worry we got the screws removed so they weren’t at any risk or screws in heads)

After giving Gareth a check up they decided that due to his temperature being so high despite meds he should go to a&e. I called my brother to watch the kids then set off to the hospital to follow the ambulance. When I got to a&e Gareth was strapped to all manner of machines and was about to have a canula fitted. We thought it was a bit extreme for a temperature but it turns out they thought that maybe he had sepsis or meningitis.

If you read my blog regularly you will know that Beth ended up in hospital with almost the same thing a few weeks ago, in fact the only real difference was that Beth went blue and floppy and Gareth was still coherent. Other than that their symptoms were almost identical.

After being assessed in a&e we were told that he was going to have an xray and would be allowed home. I decided by this point to get back to the kids as it was gone midnight and my brother had work the next morning. I figured if he would be home in an hour there would be nothing to worry about.

Taking his mum to visit him Friday I can honestly say he looked 10 times worse than when he was taken in the night before, his body had a  yellow tinge to it and appeared to be very swollen.

They still had no answers and kept saying he had a viral infection. They continued to pump him with fluids, then they added in potassium and kept repeating blood tests but still despite doing all this they weren’t actually telling us anything. We just had to sit and watch him getting more poorly with no clue why.

He finally came home on Sunday after what seemed like the longest few days of my life.  On Saturday I sat in my kitchen and genuinely just felt completely lost. I just wanted him home and better. He is now tucked up in bed having a nap, the conditions of him coming home were that he rests, eats and drinks ( he didn’t eat or drink in hospital) and that if his temperature goes back up he is to go straight back in.  We are all very excited to have him home and Bethie wouldn’t leave his side, I think she may have missed her Daddy.

We STILL don’t know what was actually wrong with him but I am a little bit on edge now that both Gareth and Beth had similar symptoms and doctors struggled to figure it out. They both got very poorly very quickly. It makes me wonder if there’s some weird bug going through everyone and who will be next.

I am incredibly proud of the kids.

Not only has Ellie has 5 .. yes 5 postcards sent home from school because of her outstanding effort in the exams and reaching very high grades, Not only has Harry been nominated by teachers for a special award ( we don’t know what we find out at the special ceremony) , Not only has Annabelle finally improved her handwriting and been written in the gold book at school BUT the whole time Gareth was in hospital they ALL helped me massively. The bigger 2 helped with things like hot drinks, watching the little ones so I could tidy up or cook, Annabelle kept on top of the toys and put them away when they were finished with and even Freddie was absolutely golden, It was almost like he was a different boy. Every single one of them pulled together to help out their mum at a time where things were tough. I couldn’t ask for more loving, caring, genuine kids. Thank you guys

I am exhausted but very happy that Gareth is on the mend and my house is complete again , although I’ve still got a bit of a headache from that bloomin garage door!







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