Choc Affair – Luxury Chocolate – Review & Gift idea


If you are like our family then you will be with us when we say we LOVE chocolate, dark, milk or white it’s all good to us,. When we had the opportunity to try new flavours of chocolate from Choc Affair we jumped at the chance, like children we waited for the mail man to deliver the parcel.


Once it arrived we sat down to test the chocolate and surprise surprise we all of a sudden was joined by 5 children so we decided to score each chocolate out of 10.


These were a selection of 6 chocolate bars all unique flavours we couldn’t wait to try.


Ginger Chocolate – I personally think ginger is very hit and miss in anything like coke or chocolate, when you unwrapped it the smell was like fresh gingerbread men a bit like a Christmas smell. It tasted very nice not overpowering in the slightest the children said the only thing missing was bits of ginger biscuit. We scored it 6/10


Chilli Dark Chocolate – This was Gareth’s favourite one by far so much so that he stole the rest of the chocolate bar for later. You could instantly smell the Chilli when it was taken out of the foil, the taste was nice and sweet then the Chilli hit you towards the end and lasted for a while after. We didn’t think the kids would be keen on this flavour but the loved it giving it a score of 8/10


Peppermint Dark Chocolate – I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like mint chocolate so we were excited to try this one. As we thought it tasted really good just like after dinner mints a big hit our house especially from the 1-year-old. We all agreed on a score of 8/10


Peach and Raspberry – Now I know what you’re thinking this doesn’t sound like a very nice chocolate flavour and the kids pulled a face just hearing the name. We unwrapped the chocolate not knowing what to expect and OMG this is by far the tastiest chocolate I personally have tasted and all of the children agreed, it didn’t last 2 seconds before it was all gone. It was creamy, smooth and the flavours complimented each other well so well in fact we scored it 10/10


Salted Caramel – We knew this was going to be a huge hit as the kids loved salted caramel and as we thought it went down a treat with them all saying how lovely it was and did we have anymore lying around. Not surprisingly it got a score of 10/10


Orange & Geranium – As I got it out the box Gareth didn’t know what a Geranium was and when we explained he was like “I’m not eating a flower!”. We tried it and it was really nice it tasted exactly like chocolate orange and towards the end you could taste the Geranium which left nice after taste. Collectively we scored it 8/10


Along with the chocolate bars were Chocolates called Dinky Dots these are chocolate buttons designed for toddlers and young children. Firstly the tins they arrived in were beautifully designed our one year old was more interested in playing with the tin more than trying the chocolate.


They arrived in 3 different flavours Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate & Caramel, the little ones loved them eating both tins between them after trying some ourselves we found them to be creamy and very easy to eat just the right size, we got a thumbs up from Freddie and a big chocolatey smile from Bethie getting a score of 8/10 


After sampling the chocolates we feel that this would be an ideal Christmas gift for family/friends or me, if you fancy buying me chocolate my favourite is the raspberry one! We will definitely be adding this to our gift guides later in the year.

** We were given chocolates in exchange for an open and honest review. Unfortunately the photographs that we had taken of everyone tasting the chocolates have vanished into thin air! If I find them I will add them at a later date.

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