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This week I am linking up with the beautiful Kerry from One Hull of a mum with her new linky called #childseyeview. The idea is that the kids take over our phones or cameras for the day then select their favourite picture. I love the fact that the kids get to take over in this.

This week we gave Freddie (2) Gareth’s phone and let him loose and he took some picture, this picture is of Bethie’s big bear that Freddie took all by himself. The big bear has become a member of the family since Bethie was very poorly not long ago and it was bought for her by a friend of ours called Tracy who also bought me a gift too as she knew how tough it all was. Which was lovely of her. . ¬†Well done Freddie!

Isn’t it crazy looking at the world through their eyes, ¬†some of the other pictures were fantastic too. It didn’t matter if they were blurred or not quite right because he had taken them all by himself like a big boy !

 photo 3DB12B9107F2523C5BD997C813AC89AF_zpszqjdtiag.png

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