Chicken Curry Recipe – Mummy of 5 miracles style

What ya need

  1. Fat free ‘Natural’ Yogurt ( I won’t bore you again with why I’m confused over natural yogurt you can check it out in my posh chicken recipe)
  2. Tikka Curry powder – I’m gonna be honest here when I made this it just tasted like Spanish chicken after I’d added in the Tikka powder so I whacked in some normal curry powder too  ** side note – Make sure you have plenty of toilet roll, I’ve also heard putting it into the fridge will help however I am yet to try out this theory!
  3.  Salt and Freshly ground black pepper – No I’m not expecting you to go pick your own peppercorns and the get a pestle and mortar to grind it, You can buy nifty pepper grinders from the shops for about a quid!!
  4.  Skinless boneless chicken breasts cut into pieces – Save yourself the bother and buy the frozen bags already cut up, no mangy chicken jelly all over your hands , what is the deal with them little bits of chicken that get on your hands then decide to just dance about different parts of your hands whilst washing them? You know the ones!
  5. Low calorie cooking spray – This stuff is stupidly expensive so you don’t have to use this you can use normal vegetable oil rather than paying an extra couple of quid just to be able to spray it!
  6. Onion – The actual recipe says to just use one but I find if you put one onion in you can’t even taste it.
  7. Root ginger peeled and grated– This is an odd ingredient especially when they send you a massive stick thing and you only need to use a tiny bit HOWEVER. I was a genius with my left over ginger and mixed it with some lemon juice , honey and hot water and made my own cold remedy thingy ma jig!
  8. Chilli deseeded and chopped – See toilet paper comment on number 2
  9. Ground cinnamon – Don’t ask me I thought cinnamon was something you sprinkled on sweet stuff like hot chocolate , with whipped cream and marshmallows … “ohhh nom GARETTTHHHH go to the shop and get some hot choc will ya? “
  10. Ground Cumin – It’s still not cum in …..
  11. Tomato puree – Now I’m starting to think tomato puree is the food of the gods, I never realised how many different things you can use it in, surprisingly it’s not just around to make you pizza taste nommy, it can be used in healthy recipes too! I know it was a shock to me to
  12. Fat free fromage frais – Thick yogurt to those who aint got a friggin clue what it is!
  13. Small handful of fresh coriander to garnish – Or you could just eat the bloody thing instead of trying to make it look pretty!

oh yeah it says you can use lime juice too but I’m far to stingy to pay for a lime just for the juice!

So how do I turn all that stuff into something tasty?

First you need a bowl, I don’t mean a washing up bowl or one you have your cereal out of . I mean a mixing bowl if like us your mixing bowl doubles up as a fruit bowl ( yes really!) then a big pan will do.

Whack the yogurt and curry powder, season well the slap ya chicken in it and toss ( stop giggling you’re a grown adult and should be able to use the word toss without cracking up) Marinade it for at least 4 hours or overnight. I am far too fussy to leave ANYTHING overnight so if you’re like me and fussy as f*ck then the 4 hours is fine.

When your ready preheat your oven I can honestly and truthfully tell you I NEVER preheat my oven and my food amazingly still manages to cook!

Grab ya frying pan ( or big normal pan to stop it ending up all over your cooker, sides, you and throw in the onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, cinnamon, cumin and more tikka powder and cook for a few minutes. Then stir in tomato puree and some water, yes water not stock, not gravy, not anything else just good old-fashioned water. Bring it to the boil then turn it down and let it simmer for a bit …. This is usually the point I throw mine in the slow cooker where it sits nicely on low until I’m starving and can’t wait for it anymore because the smell is making me dribble a little bit on my clothes!

Meanwhile thread the chicken onto skewers and grill them. As much as I would like to tell you this is what I do, I have 5 children I don’t have time to stand there threading chicken like I’m some sort of crafty genius making a necklace so I just chuck it in a pan .. usually the grill bit of the cooker that has now conveniently turned into my favour roasting tray 😉

Once your chicken isn’t poisonous anymore throw it with the sauce , mix it add the fromage frais and sprinkle with coriander Da-Daaaaa you have curry! Well done

What should I serve it with?

Honestly? I really don’t care. Rice, chips, bread and butter , crackers , pasta. It doesn’t really matter because quite frankly whatever you put it with is simply to make it more filling and you’re only interested in the curry that you lovingly prepared anyway!

You will notice that I have failed to add any measurements to this and that is because I don’t know the size of your family and I cook for the 5 thousand, OK maybe not 5 thousand but 7 of us ( close enough) If you’re desperate for actual measurements then google is your very best friend.

You’re Welcome – If you loved this recipe why don’t you try my posh chicken recipe! (I actually think my posh chicken recipe is a cut above this one, read it to see what I mean!) Also subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page to get regular updates.

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