How exactly do you get your toddler to wear clothes?

For the last week or so Freddie has become a bit of an exhibitionist. The thought of wearing a T-Shirt absolutely terrifies him and now he has taken to not wearing trousers either and simply parading around in his pants. How exactly do I get him to wear clothes? He is currently potty training so at the moment we are changing his pants every 2 seconds. Despite us asking him every 2 seconds if he needs a wee, he still manages to pee everywhere! Continue reading “How exactly do you get your toddler to wear clothes?”

The terror toddler has a soft side!

You’ve all heard me talk about Freddie and how he’s my tough one. The one that’s decided to test boundaries. Who could make even the toughest of parents a bit if a jibbering mess. ┬áMy terror toddler. If he isn’t trying to be an escape artist by darting out of the doors if they are unlocked for a second, he’s usually climbing on something he shouldn’t or throwing a massive toddler tantrum. However today I witnessed a miracle! Continue reading “The terror toddler has a soft side!”

Bad Behaviour and Attempting a new routine- toddler troubles

So I’ve mentioned before about my troublesome whirlwind Freddie who is 2 years old, well a brief outline for anyone who hasn’t read my blog before now, Freddie is 2 years old and the complete apple of his daddies eye. We have 5 children however the older 3 are from my previous 10 year marriage and Freddie and Beth ( the baby of the family) are with my fiance Gareth of almost 5 years. Gareth doesn’t have any other children so Freddie was Gareths first biological child. He adores all 5 children and is an amazing father to all of them. However Freddie is extremely spoilt, Continue reading “Bad Behaviour and Attempting a new routine- toddler troubles”

To send to nursery or not?

I’m not sure whether or not you are aware but the government now has a new scheme where if you fit into a certain criteria you are able to send your child to nursery from the age of 2 for 15 hours per week.

Eligibility for 2-year-olds

Your 2-year-old can get free early education and childcare if you get one of the following: Continue reading “To send to nursery or not?”