Ending our day by celebrating Beauticians Day with Nail-A-Peel – Review

As you all know the weather has been absolutely baking hot. Unfortunately we aren’t fans of the heat and sun in our house so after a busy day involving Annabelle’s sports day and lots of different things we decided it was the perfect time to have a pamper night with the lovely items we were sent from Nail-A-Peel. We popped Bethie to bed and then it was time to get started Continue reading “Ending our day by celebrating Beauticians Day with Nail-A-Peel – Review”

Kids Email – Review

Everyone in these times has an email address or sometimes multiple email addresses. The main problems we all find especially as parents is spam email which sometimes are very inappropriate and a nuisance but we learn to ignore it, delete it or are able to spot when it is a scam email which is becoming more common. Continue reading “Kids Email – Review”

Annabelle Reviews – Fidget Spinner

The latest craze with all of the kids young and old at the moment is the fidget spinner. We were excited to get one in the post after Harry had ordered it via amazon. I had heard non-stop about this amazing spinner from the second he ordered it for himself out of his birthday money. Continue reading “Annabelle Reviews – Fidget Spinner”

Annabelle Review – Cadbury Wispa Easter Egg

Today Annabelle chose to review one of her Easter Eggs , She absolutely loved receiving a mountain of eggs but today chose the Wispa due to it being her favourite. You can watch her review right HERE. Continue reading “Annabelle Review – Cadbury Wispa Easter Egg”

ANNABELLE REVIEWS – Fairy stories and CD by Shirley Barber

Today Annabelle has chosen to review one of her favourite books that she enjoys reading before she goes to bed. One of her most favourite things in the world is fairies, so this book was the perfect thing for her to choose to review. She has created a video on Youtube to tell you everything you need to know. Continue reading “ANNABELLE REVIEWS – Fairy stories and CD by Shirley Barber”