I had a dream last night …..

If you know me personally you will know that my brain NEVER switches off. From the second that I wake till I’m trying to go to sleep I am constantly thinking. I still find it alien that people can just switch off/ meditate / think of nothing. As well as that it doesn’t even switch off when I’m asleep meaning that 99% of the time I dream ( no wonder I’m always shattered!) Continue reading “I had a dream last night …..”

Exhausted both physically and mentally

Tonight I write this with a much clearer head than I have had for a few days. This week has been one that has been very hard to swallow , where I have been called so many things, had so many hurtful comments made about me and where I have really struggled to see a way up. I am exhausted. Continue reading “Exhausted both physically and mentally”

Struggling but coping …just and they say that benefits is the easy life!

I always said when I started my blog I would blog not only about the good times but the bad times too, so I thought that instead of painting the picture perfect idea of how our family are doing that I would be realistic. So I wanted to talk to you about the other side of being on benefits, the one nobody talks about or shows. Continue reading “Struggling but coping …just and they say that benefits is the easy life!”

Are our teens being over tested and overworking themselves?

Last night I went to Harry’s parents evening and whilst the majority of the comments were extremely positive, saying how well he is doing and how high he’s performing. Another comment kept arising from most of the teachers and that was how Harry is overworking himself and over doing things instead of just doing what is asked of him. Continue reading “Are our teens being over tested and overworking themselves?”

Let’s talk about food! Are you a food snob?

Now I’m aware this is a really random topic but whilst sitting there tonight eating my luxury tea of spaghetti hoops on toast, looking at the comments on the post I put up on my Facebook page about foods you were made to eat as a child and have never eaten since it got me thinking about how other people eat and their food preferences. Let me explain … Continue reading “Let’s talk about food! Are you a food snob?”

The MyFam Project Telford – Bridging the gap between the abled and disabled

Whilst scrolling through Facebook I came across a fantastic new project in Telford called the MyFam Project. As soon as I saw what it was about I wanted to share it with you. I thought it was an incredible idea and just a fantastic thing for the local children.  I knew that I would be pants at explaining what it was all about so I contacted the brains behind the project Hannah and asked her to tell you all about it. Continue reading “The MyFam Project Telford – Bridging the gap between the abled and disabled”

Is technology ruining our children?

I am sat in my kitchen working on a few blog things and the children are in the living room playing on their laptops and tablets. I can hear them fighting and arguing over who is doing what on the game and it has got me thinking is technology ruining our children?  Continue reading “Is technology ruining our children?”

Creating a future for my family

If you follow my Facebook page you will know that I have been extremely busy working on a few very exciting things. If you don’t follow my Facebook page then why the bloomin heck not huh? A while back I wrote a blog post about how I didn’t want to remain in the life I was in and I wanted to create a future. I wasn’t happy in my current situation and I just needed somebody out there to give me a chance. Continue reading “Creating a future for my family”

My secret anxiety

When you look at me what do you see? Someone who is confident, loud, outspoken. Someone who is a little gobby? Somebody who isn’t afraid to say what they think and who has no problems walking into a room full of strangers or get onto a stage and sing a song? What if I was to tell you that this person hides a secret anxiety?  Continue reading “My secret anxiety”

Mummy of 5 Miracles is 1 today!!! and I have some exciting news!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I looked on my Facebook and saw that on this day a year ago I took the plunge and bought the domain name www.mummyof5miracles.com! I remember sitting there thinking. I am just some woman from Telford in Shropshire who doesn’t really know anything about blogs can I really do it?  Continue reading “Mummy of 5 Miracles is 1 today!!! and I have some exciting news!!!”