Let’s talk about food! Are you a food snob?

Now I’m aware this is a really random topic but whilst sitting there tonight eating my luxury tea of spaghetti hoops on toast, looking at the comments on the post I put up on my Facebook page about foods you were made to eat as a child and have never eaten since it got me thinking about how other people eat and their food preferences. Let me explain … Continue reading “Let’s talk about food! Are you a food snob?”

The MyFam Project Telford – Bridging the gap between the abled and disabled

Whilst scrolling through Facebook I came across a fantastic new project in Telford called the MyFam Project. As soon as I saw what it was about I wanted to share it with you. I thought it was an incredible idea and just a fantastic thing for the local children.  I knew that I would be pants at explaining what it was all about so I contacted the brains behind the project Hannah and asked her to tell you all about it. Continue reading “The MyFam Project Telford – Bridging the gap between the abled and disabled”

Is technology ruining our children?

I am sat in my kitchen working on a few blog things and the children are in the living room playing on their laptops and tablets. I can hear them fighting and arguing over who is doing what on the game and it has got me thinking is technology ruining our children?  Continue reading “Is technology ruining our children?”

Creating a future for my family

If you follow my Facebook page you will know that I have been extremely busy working on a few very exciting things. If you don’t follow my Facebook page then why the bloomin heck not huh? A while back I wrote a blog post about how I didn’t want to remain in the life I was in and I wanted to create a future. I wasn’t happy in my current situation and I just needed somebody out there to give me a chance. Continue reading “Creating a future for my family”

My secret anxiety

When you look at me what do you see? Someone who is confident, loud, outspoken. Someone who is a little gobby? Somebody who isn’t afraid to say what they think and who has no problems walking into a room full of strangers or get onto a stage and sing a song? What if I was to tell you that this person hides a secret anxiety?  Continue reading “My secret anxiety”

Mummy of 5 Miracles is 1 today!!! and I have some exciting news!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I looked on my Facebook and saw that on this day a year ago I took the plunge and bought the domain name www.mummyof5miracles.com! I remember sitting there thinking. I am just some woman from Telford in Shropshire who doesn’t really know anything about blogs can I really do it?  Continue reading “Mummy of 5 Miracles is 1 today!!! and I have some exciting news!!!”

2 hospital visits in 3 days, they say it comes in threes …

You know the saying it comes in three’s? Well I’m currently sat here anxiously awaiting the third as in the last few days we have had not one but two emergency visits to the hospital for 2 of the children. Continue reading “2 hospital visits in 3 days, they say it comes in threes …”

I have fallen in love …… With a house!

When you think of people falling in love with a house, you think of these posh new builds don’t you. All beautiful shiny new outsides , clean insides nice little cul-de-sacs . Big drives ways and no-one ever living there before. The other day I was driving back from taking Gareth to get something from a local shop and from out of the corner of my eye I spotted something beautiful! Continue reading “I have fallen in love …… With a house!”

10 Questions with the 5 Miracles – I asked , they answered

I decided to ask the kids some questions so that you guys could have a little insight into their world and what they are like as people. For you to see what their different personalities are like and to see the other side of my blog. So here is what I asked them and what they had to say Continue reading “10 Questions with the 5 Miracles – I asked , they answered”

The school run

I’ve experienced around 10 years of school runs so far with my brood, and I have observed many different scenarios. I’m quite the people watcher. I often wonder what happens in peoples lives. What do they do outside of the school run? what are their normal day-to-day lives like.

The tired mum

Now this is definitely me , I just about manage to drag myself out of bed each morning, throw toast or cereal at the kids. On a good day I can brush my teeth and hair. I have 4 of my kids at 4 different schools so getting them all there on time can be a bit of a mission. I leave my house around about 7:45 with Harry and Ellie. I drive to Harrys school drop him off before heading to Ellies school.

This usually involves me trying to force some sort of conversation out of Ellie and being met with grunts and groans of some sort. It can and quite often also involve an argument over why she is ignoring me and how I don’t actually have to drive her there when she is perfectly able to walk and I do it out of the goodness of my heart. The least she could do is acknowledge the fact that I am speaking to her.

Then it’s time to make my way back home where Gareth has gotten the smaller ones  dressed and ready for the next part of my school run.  I’ve normally sent him some sort of grumbled grumpy message involving a request for a cup of coffee. ( Thank god he still comes to help me, I would be stuck otherwise)

I then proceed to plait Annabelles hair. She ALWAYS goes to school in a french plait in an attempt to stop any unwanted visitors ( this rarely works might I add)  by which time it’s around 08:35 and time to go and take the others to school. First I drop Annabelle off before driving round to Freddies nursery to drop him off. Then it’s back home with madam Bethie and to put her down for her nap. By this time I’m pretty tired myself!

All of this is done after I have given myself at least 2 coffees. With massive bags under my eyes, whilst just about dressed. I’m not going to lie I’ve usually got some sort of breakfast from one of the kids over me too. So how on earth do other parents do it whilst looking so glamorous?!

The fully made up mum

If this mum is you I want you to come to my house in a morning and show me how on earth you do it! Seriously I do! I mean, I have seen a fair few of these ladies and I am in complete awe of them. Like I stated previously I just about manage to get myself dressed in a morning let alone anything else yet these women are pictures of beauty. Not an eye bag in sight. Their clothes always look perfectly ironed, their make-up is always immaculate. Not only that but they always look so happy. HOW!!!!! just how?

I am in no way at all putting these ladies down, I am just purely jealous. I wish I had that motivation and I was that organised that I could do this. I still wear the same make up I wore when I was 15 , and I’m not even slightly joking about that. I still wear my white eye shadow, my black eye liner and my heather shimmer lipstick. I wouldn’t have a clue how to rock a colourful blouse. In fact I wouldn’t even know how to fake looking like I’ve got my Sh*t together let alone actually having it together for real.

The popular mum

This mum is the one that every seems to hang around the school gates and wait for. I’ve NEVER been this mum. Don’t get me wrong in my time of doing the school runs I have made friends with other mums and had a chat on the playground but there always seems to be one mum who everyone goes to. Whether it’s for advice, a general chatter or just to invite round for a morning cuppa. She always seems to be surrounded by other mums laughing and chatting. She seems to be the mum of all the mums.

The stressed mum

This is a mum that I have been on more than one occasion. The mum who always looks like she could just do with someone going over and giving her a hug and offering her a nice cuppa or a glass of wine. Her toddler is giving her a nightmare and she just needs 5 minutes of peace. I have been this mum, especially when Ellie was smaller and what I wouldn’t have given for someone to just come over to me and ask if I was OK. See if I wanted a chat and say hello instead of looking down at me.

The thing is as another mum who now watches I never know what to do. As much as I want to go over and help I equally don’t want to make the other mum feel uncomfortable. I want to go over and offer a bit of reassurance that she’s definitely not alone. Ask if she wants a coffee and a chat but does she want that or does she just want to get out of there as fast as possible and get home?

The working mum

Now these are the mums that I feel for, I have been both a working mum and a stay at home mum and I think both are equally stressful. As a working mum dropping your kids off to school can be a rare treat. Even then you are usually on a strict timetable where you are rushing to drop them off so you can get to work. You miss special occasions and events at the school and it can be heartbreaking.  If the school closes for things such as snow or your child is ill you have to rearrange absolutely everything.


Anyway which mum are you? More importantly it doesn’t matter which one you are, I just want to say, You are doing a fantastic job and as long as you are doing the best you can that will be more than enough for your children. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.

Keep going girls. YOU’VE GOT THIS!