#Bullieswontwin – Annabelle’s Story Update

I know a few of you were very touched by Annabelle’s story and I thought it would be quite nice if I updated you all on what was happening. Bullying is a massive problem and that is why we have launched our own campaign #Bullieswontwin. If you haven’t already then please check out this weeks story which is from the gorgeous Renee. Continue reading “#Bullieswontwin – Annabelle’s Story Update”

#Bullieswontwin Guest Series – Renee’s Story

We are launching our own campaign against bullying using the hashtag #Bullieswontwin after experiencing a large amount of bullying ourselves. Annabelles story in particular touched a few peoples hearts and I wanted to make people see that there is hope and a light at the end of a very sad and lonely tunnel and asked a few of my amazing blogging friends if they had any stories to share. Please remember you are free to use the picture from Annabelles story to help us raise awareness using the hashtag #Bullieswontwin. I really appreciate your support. Continue reading “#Bullieswontwin Guest Series – Renee’s Story”

#Bullieswontwin Guest Post series

What is #Bullieswontwin?

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I have covered quite a lot about bullying. The fact it has affected not only me , but also my son Harry and my daughter Annabelle. In fact the response and support we received from Annabelle’s story was incredible.This is a subject extremely close to my heart and I absolutely support This Mornings #BeKind campaign. Therefore wanted to do something else to raise awareness of bullying. Continue reading “#Bullieswontwin Guest Post series”

Bullying – What happened to my happy little girl

Anyone who personally knows Annabelle will tell you that she is one of the most happy little girls you will ever meet. She has her own little happy bubble world where everything is hearts and roses. If she feels sick her attitude is “it’s OK I’ll be better tomorrow” and everything in her world is shiny and perfect or should I say WAS! Because my beautiful happy go lucky little princess is now the subject of some quite bad bullying! #BeKind Continue reading “Bullying – What happened to my happy little girl”

Bullying – Our mission to help the campaign and Harry’s story

Our Mission

After watching This Morning launch their campaign against bullying with the hashtag #BeKind. We decided we would like to try to help. I have suffered bullying myself and know just how worthless it can make you feel so this was something extremely close to my heart. Continue reading “Bullying – Our mission to help the campaign and Harry’s story”