Ravensburger – Bugs In The Kitchen – Game Review

Christmas is fast approaching and as part of our run up to Christmas we are going to be sharing with you some gift guides. As part of this we are sent quite a lot of games to try out. The latest game we were sent was called Bugs In The Kitchen by Ravensburger.  We actually vlogged our entire experience for you too see exactly how the game works. Continue reading “Ravensburger – Bugs In The Kitchen – Game Review”

Drumond Parks Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad Review & Giveaway

One thing we love as a family is playing games, We regularly have family game nights and are always excited and more than willing to review any games.One we particularly enjoyed was King Pong, so when we were approached again to review another of Drumond Parks games Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad, We jumped at the chance. Annabelle had been talking about it and wanting it since seeing the adverts on the TV.


What is Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad?

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad is a fantastic fun-filled family game where the aim of the game is to move around the board without waking Dad and to sneak and get the chocolate cake.  As you venture across the kitchen to the fridge you can hear Dad as he snores and groans his way through his sleep.

The game has been created for ages 5+ but I can tell you that us adults giggled just as much as the children did!

Our Experience

We set the game up very quickly and all chose a colour, As you can only have up to 4 players we decided to team up and play together. The game was extremely easy to understand. You click the clock the amount of times shown on your position on the board, that is of course unless you have the card in which case you can sit easy until your next go.

Annabelle loved it, we also had my nephew Jack ( 8 years old) join us to play too and I would say from the squeals of both delight and frustration that they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In fact  to begin with Jack didn’t even want to join in but after watching us all play for  a while and seeing everyone having fun. he just couldn’t resist!

Even the older 2 enjoyed it although Harry wasn’t best pleased when everyone kept taking his cards from him and left him with none making it almost impossible to him to get to the fridge.


Ellie’s competitive streak came out as she worked out which cards she needs to take to avoid having to press the button too many times.

What did we think?

Personally I thought it was a very good game and I was actually surprised that nobody sulked as they were sent back to the beginning but I think that is down to the fact that the way the game works everyone is pretty much sent back at some point. I do think it is more suited to younger children do to how quickly it is played and the ease of the game.

Gareth : I found the game to be quite repetitive but fantastic fun.

Annabelle : I really love the game but Dad really makes me jump when he wakes up!

Jel : The game is great fun, I just wish the board was bigger so the games lasted a little longer.

Harry : A cool fun, fast-paced game for all of the family

Jack : I thought it was a good game

Would we recommend it?

We would definitely recommend it to parents of younger children. It is fun for the whole family but we found it to be a great game for the younger ones. This is definitely a positive because quite often you can struggle to find a game that the youngsters can join in with and fully understand.

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How can you get your hands on one?

To have the chance to get your hands on your very own copy of Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad (rrp £24.99 )Please fill in the Rafflecopter below. What a perfect Christmas present for somebody! Competition will end on 7th December to give plenty of time to get it delivered.
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** All thoughts and feelings about the game Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad are entirely my own. I was given the game in exchange of an honest and open review.