From Enemies To Friends

When sitting in my house it’s not unusual to hear “Mummy Bethie is winding me up” or “Freddie just hit me” These guys have spent much of their short lives so far being anything but friends. Continue reading “From Enemies To Friends”

My baby started nursery!

If you think back to a while ago I had a dilemma over whether or not to send Freddie to nursery and eventually gave in and let him go. With Bethie I felt I had no choice but to let her go as she was becoming extremely clingy and seemed petrified of anyone new or being separated from me in any way. Once things have settled I plan on returning to work which means that she will need to get used to being around other people and to be away from me. Continue reading “My baby started nursery!”

Princess Bethini – The Great Escape Artist of the West Midlands

Now I know I am not alone when I have seen on Facebook or on the news how a young child has gotten out of the house and I’ve sat there and my first thought has been. Well where was the parents? Why weren’t they watching them? How did they manage to escape?  Continue reading “Princess Bethini – The Great Escape Artist of the West Midlands”

Serious leg clinger!

At the moment Bethie is going through a serious leg clinging phase. This is a new experience for me as none of my others have done it. If I stand still for longer than a few minutes you can guarantee a little body will attach itself to me and be glued for a short while. Continue reading “Serious leg clinger!”

My Baby is a Big Girl 1 – And she’s more interested in balloons

Every year I go through the same inner turmoil. Have I been to stingy and not bought them enough for their birthdays? I sit and look at the small pile of presents and then I naturally compare it to what other people have bought their babies. Continue reading “My Baby is a Big Girl 1 – And she’s more interested in balloons”

She’s almost one and I’m not ready!

So today is the 17th August which can only mean one thing…. Bethie is one in less than 2 weeks. I am not ready for this! It only feels like she entered the world yesterday. How can she possibly be turning one.

How shes changed

Bethie was a very content baby and never really caused many problems . We quite often heard and still hear the words ” bet you’ve got your hands full” Well the truth is no we don’t. We are very lucky in the fact that our children are all incredibly well-behaved so adding Bethie truly didn’t make it any more crazy than it already is.

She slept well from pretty much straight away and the only time we ever actually had her moaning was when she was teething or when she was poorly in hospital.

She’s not quiet now

She is a complete and utter character, I wasn’t expecting her to be as bubbly and outgoing as she is because when she was a baby she didn’t really like anybody apart from her mummy. Now she loves to babble away to people. Her favourite thing in the world is music. She has taught herself how to play the recorder and when certain songs come on the radio she has a full-blown party of her own. Puts her fingers in the air and dances.

I love that she has taken on her big sister Annabelle’s positive attitude, she rarely cries or moans. She possibly only ever moans when she is either tired or hungry the rest of the time she’s happy and smiling but do you know what she will not laugh!! No matter how hard we try we can’t get her to proper belly giggle. It can be done because we have seen her chuckle her head off when she kicked her Daddy in the balls but we’ve not seen it since.

I don’t want her to grow up!

I know its very selfish of me but I don’t care she is my 5th and final baby and I really don’t want her to grow up ( before anyone says “yeah you said Freddie was the last” I’ve had an operation this time to stop it happening 😛 ) I adore the fact that Bethie is my complete and utter mummies girl. I’m the only person in the world who gets big snuggles before bedtime, she doesn’t give them to daddy but I only have to look at her big brothers and sisters to see that all too soon she will be there all grown up doing her own thing. She’s just started cruising the furniture. It won’t be long before she’s off.



We have a crawler and I’m not 100% happy with it!

I am a mother of many mixed emotions this evening. Why I hear you ask? Well the evening before my baby princess turns 10 months old she has decided to crawl! … She is now a full-blown crawler,  Across the living room crawling.  Not rolling, Not army shuffling, Not bum shuffling but actual hands and knees like a big girl!

Whilst I am extremely proud of her for finally mastering the art of crawling and I have joined in with the cheering, clapping and celebrating I am also tinged with sadness that my final baby has reached another milestone and is getting bigger. She’s becoming more independent and I am becoming a little more redundant. All too soon she will be walking, going to school etc. Time just goes far too quickly. I don’t want her to grow up.

She will be the last baby of my own that I will watch hitting milestones, gaining a personality and becoming her own person instead I will have to wait to be blessed with grandchildren to see it again. I am too young for this! I genuinely wasn’t expecting to feel that little bit of sadness in the pit of my stomach every 1`time that she hits a milestone but I can’t help but think she is growing way to fast for my liking.

As well as learning to crawl she is gaining a little personality of her own which mainly involves picking on her big brother, shouting, being a little diva and a madam. She is extremely spoilt and has a bit of a meany streak to her. I have watched her go out of her way to get across the room just to try to bite Freddie. She is very head strong already and this worries me a little. What on earth will she be like as a toddler… I can only imagine!



The scariest 48 hours of my life so far

I haven’t had chance to write about this until today, for 2 reasons. 1, I’ve been enjoying spending time with my baby and 2, I was still really shook up from the scariest time of my life.  Definitely scariest parenting moment. You may have seen my post about knowing the signs of Sepsis. That wasn’t posted without reason. Continue reading “The scariest 48 hours of my life so far”

Baby-Led Weaning – why I listened to the Health Visitors when I weaned Freddie

I am the kind of mother that doesn’t read parenting books, I don’t follow the grain and I do what is acceptable to me. Advice can be offered but quite often I will dismiss it. Having 5 children I feel like I have enough experience when it comes to getting them through the various stages. So you can imagine my horror when the midwife told me to hold off from feeding Freddie till he was 6 months. 6 months! This child of mine was taking 8 ounce bottles all of the time, moaning when we ate and showing all the signs. All of my other children had been weaned at 3-4 months old and they were fine so why should I wait?I knew what I was doing! Continue reading “Baby-Led Weaning – why I listened to the Health Visitors when I weaned Freddie”

Teething-My God has she moaned!


Now I would love for all of my blogs to be sweetness and light and how lovely the kids are 24/7. The reality is my kids can be pains in the arses as much as anyone else’s and right now Beth is exactly that. I am putting it down to teething. Continue reading “Teething-My God has she moaned!”