I’ve been nominated for an award!

Recently I received an email saying that I had been nominated for an award from the people at the UK Blog awards and I just had to fill in the form then wait to see if I had gotten through to the next round. Continue reading “I’ve been nominated for an award!”

10 for 10 Blogger award

So I really enjoy filling out these Blogger Awards although one day I hope that I get to tell a story of a real award I have won in the meantime these little awards make me smile. The reason they make me smile is because in order to write a post like this one another blogger has to nominate you to do it and the fact that I have been nominated means that somewhere out there someone is thinking about me in amongst a huge selection of bloggers and that really cheers me up. Continue reading “10 for 10 Blogger award”

Sunshine Blogger Award

Whilst I would love to tell you that the Sunshine Blogger Award was given to me in a swanky ceremony somewhere, I had to dust of my prettiest dress and even whack on a bit of make-up but if I did then I would be lying. I was actually given this award from a fellow blogger Louise from WeeOhana. So Thank You Louise for thinking of me when thinking of whom to chose to take the Sunshine Blogger Award. Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

I was so excited – Mystery Blogger Award

So last night whilst sat on Twitter nattering to all of my blogging friends. Yes I call them my friends despite never meeting, this is because we support each other. We have a laugh together and I can honestly say they make me giggle and brighten up my world. Anyway enough of me being nice. I don’t want them to get used to it. As I was saying whilst sat on Twitter I received a notification saying. I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. So I would like to thank Daddy Stinks from the blog page Daddystinks.co.uk for the nomination. Take a little browse of his blog! Continue reading “I was so excited – Mystery Blogger Award”