Communicate to your kids : Benefits of open communication

Do you ever worry about how “the talk” is going to go with your kids?

Whether it’s about sex, drugs or death, it can feel awkward to have these talks with our kids. But in reality, it’s only awkward because it’s foreign. When you reserve everything you have to say on a subject to one talk, it’s easy to see why you’d dread it. On the other hand, if you keep an open line of communication, things are inevitably going to be less awkward.

That’s one of the major benefits of open communication. Here are a few more.

1. Stronger relationship

When your kids feel comfortable talking to you, there’s a bond that naturally forms. There will be fewer secrets between you and you’ll eventually form something that’s akin to a friendship. As your children get older and move away, they may be more likely to keep in touch or check in with you to see how you’re doing.

2. Respect

As we all know, respect is a two-way street. We all want our kids to respect us, but we don’t often think about how we can show respect for them. In some cases, sharing information about an issue or event can show respect. You respect that they’re mature enough to handle what you’re telling them. Of course, this only works if they actually are mature enough to handle what you’re telling them, so carefully consider your child’s age and maturity before talking about things that may be upsetting.

3. Information flow

When your kids are young, they’ll likely be happy to tell you anything. It’s when they approach their teenage years that they start pulling back and trying to maintain a more private life. But if you’re open and honest with them, they are more likely to act the same with you. In this way, you’ll learn a lot more about what’s going on in their lives, which can be a great benefit to you both.

For example, if your child has a substance abuse problem, they may be more likely to talk to you about getting help. Finding a medical treatment center is easy compared with getting a teenager to admit they have a substance abuse problem. Try to communicate often about sensitive issues like drugs, sex and risky behavior.

4. Increased input

So many parents make decisions that affect the entire family without so much as talking to the kids first. In some cases, this may be necessary, but sometimes, it’s better to involve your kids. For example, let’s say you got a job offer in another city and are weighing the pros and cons. You obviously don’t want to leave the decision up to the kids, but you may get some surprising input by talking about it with them.

When you start having open discussions with your kids, you’ll probably realize that they already know more than you thought. They’re also capable of contributing more, so let’s get talking!

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#SPARbecue – Food & Family fun even with the rain!

When I was offered the opportunity to work alongside SPAR and host a #Sparbecue I jumped at the chance, especially when it was requested that we hold the barbecue on the weekend that coincided with Annabelle‘s birthday. Continue reading “#SPARbecue – Food & Family fun even with the rain!”

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How To Manage A Long Plane Journey Whilst Pregnant: 5 Tips

A long plane journey is never something you look forward to, especially if you’re pregnant.

But they don’t have to be bad. Some simple considerations can make all the difference and ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible. Follow our five tips and you’ll be well on your way to managing a long plane journey whilst pregnant.

1. Book an aisle seat

Don’t leave your seat selection till the last minute — reserve one as soon as you’re able to. An aisle seat means you’ll be able to stretch, move around and go to the toilet whenever you need to, without getting in anyone’s way or needing to climb past your fellow passengers.

2. Wear layers

Will it be stuffy in the cabin? Or will they have the air con on high? You never know until you get there, so prepare accordingly and wear layers. You’ll be able to adjust as you need to, staying cool and comfortable throughout the flight.

3. Put on flight socks

Deep vein thrombosis (i.e. blood clots in deep veins) is a risk for everyone on long flights, with pregnant women slightly more likely to be affected.

Fortunately, it’s easy to reduce the swelling associated with DVT by wearing flight socks, which are also good at dealing with varicose veins. Put them on before you board the plane and keep them on for as long as you’re comfortable, remembering to take them off when you go to bed in your destination.

4. Stand up and stretch at regular intervals

It’s important to keep the blood flowing (another way to reduce the risk of DVT). Stand up every half an hour or so to stretch your out your body and take a gentle walk. You can also do feet and leg exercises while sitting down.

5. Drink plenty of water

The air in the cabin is extremely dry, with humidity of 10-20%. (In comparison, most people are used to humidity of 30-60%, which is a big difference.) One way to combat this is by drinking water throughout the flight.

The recommended amount of water a pregnant woman should drink is different depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re in. Those in the first and second trimesters need the equivalent of eight 200ml glasses per day, while those in the third trimester should aim for more. You will also need more if you’re be travelling to a hot country.

The flight is never the exciting part of a trip, but follow these tips and it won’t be a nuisance, either. Happy holidays!


** This is a collaborative post


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An Awkward Teenagers gift guide

When it came to Ellie’s birthday trying to find out what she actually wanted was like getting blood from a stone. She really didn’t have any clue and had everything already. So I thought after many nights and dragging it out of her what she would like I would write this gift guide so that other mum’s didn’t have to struggle quite as much. Continue reading “An Awkward Teenagers gift guide”

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Bakerdays – Letterbox Cake – Review

As I’m sure most of you know on Monday my little princess, ok not so little princess turned 13! ( How am I the mother to 2 teens argh) When I was contacted by Bakerdays asking if I would like to try one of their letterbox cakes, I’m not going to lie I agreed more for curiosities sake than anything else. I mean really how on earth do you make a cake look nice and fit through the letterbox?  Continue reading “Bakerdays – Letterbox Cake – Review”

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Exciting once in a lifetime opportunity for teens in Year 11 with National Citizen Service

The summer holidays can be tricky especially when you have older children and you can’t just take them to a soft play or the park as they have outgrown them. I find this time hard to fill with Harry and Ellie as well as the younger ones as obviously there is quite a large age gap. However National Citizen Service known as NCS have an amazing and exciting opportunity for any children in year 11 at school. I can’t wait until Harry and Ellie are able to go and do this, it’s not only an incredible opportunity but also a fantastic price, Let me tell you a little more about it. Continue reading “Exciting once in a lifetime opportunity for teens in Year 11 with National Citizen Service”

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Midland Melts By Darceys – Review

When I was approached by the lovely Vicky from Midland Melts By Darceys asking if I would like to try and review some of their wax melts I jumped at the chance. I absolutely love wax melts, some people might even say a little addicted. There is just something about having a home that smells lovely.  Continue reading “Midland Melts By Darceys – Review”

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Tips to avoid credit card scams

Nowadays, criminals use a number of different strategies to get credit card data from unexpected consumers, so they can commit credit fraud. One of the most widely used tactics is to convince people to give up their credit card info during a phone conversation. Continue reading “Tips to avoid credit card scams”

Categories ads – Personalised name tags for your childrens items – Review

When I was contacted by and asked if I would like to try out their personalised name tags for the children I jumped at the chance. If your house is anything like mine when the kids go to school they often come home with missing coats, shoes, PE kits. Jumpers and so on and these things can become very expensive!  Continue reading “ – Personalised name tags for your childrens items – Review”

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The UK’s best campsites to visit in 2018

The UK’s best campsites to visit in 2018

With Christmas and New Year celebrations now feeling like a distance memory, thoughts are starting to turn towards the spring. This season will see a lot of families and couples choosing to go camping as a perfect opportunity to escape their working lifestyles.

Whether you are looking to go on your very first camping holiday or are hoping to find a new location to explore, then Flogas is on hand to help. This is because the camping gas bottles supplier has researched the best campsites to visit across the UK throughout 2018…

Hooks House Farm

When is it open? Between March and October

How to find the site: Whitby Road, Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire YO22 4PE

Contact number: 01947 880283

Upon arrival at Hooks House Farm, one of the first things that you will notice is that the campsite sits high on a hill away from the town near Robin Hood’s Bay, so it provides spectacular views. Therefore, you will be able to relax on a grassy field and choose to look out to sea, along the neighbouring fields, woods, rolling hills or moors.

If you’re looking for something to do instead of being at the campsite during your entire stay and you’re feeling adventurous, it is advised that you take up the challenge of the coast-to-coast walk that will take in the Yorkshire Dales, the North York Moors and parts of the Lake District.

Key amenities:

Caravans & campervans permitted | Dog friendly | Electrical hook-ups

Size: Pitches for 50 tents and 20 caravans or campervans.

Further information:

Baysbrown Farm

When is it open? Between March and October

How to find the site: Great Langdale, Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 9JZ

Contact number: 01539 437150

Baysbrown Farm is a relaxing campsite that is nestled within the middle of an 800-acre farm. It also lies underneath the rocks which make up Bowfell, Crinkle Crags and the Langdale Pikes — three sights which should already be making up your list of places to visit while here.

A quirky feature of this campsite is that you don’t book a designated pitch, but instead choose the spot that appeals most to you and then visit the nearby farmhouse to let them know about your arrival.

Key amenities:

Caravans & campervans permitted | Remote location | Forests & mountains nearby

Size: Around 200 pitches, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Further information:

Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite

When is it open? Infrequent dates, though mainly weekends between March and September

How to find the site: Nazeing New Road, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire EN10 6TD

Contact number: 03000 030 632

The name of this campsite should give you a big clue about where it is located — it’s based just off from the River Lee but is hidden within a collection of ash and birch trees.

Once you’ve found the Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite, you can choose to take a walk or cycle along from Stratford to the Olympic Park, try your hand at some canoeing or simply relax on hammocks that swing from the trees at the site.

Key amenities:

Campfires permitted | Dog friendly | Waterside campsite | Woodland camping

Size: 17 pitches altogether, which includes 12 riverside and 5 woodland glades.

Further information:

Deepdale Backpackers & Camping

When is it open? All year round

How to find the site: Deepdale Farm, Burnham Deepdale, North Norfolk Coast, PE31 8DD

Contact number: 01485 210256

Head to the Deepdale Backpackers & Camping campsite and you should keep your fingers crossed that you manage to enjoy a stay in one of the tipis located there. As well as being well-maintained, each tipi comes with a stove — perfect for heating — as well as comfy faux fur-clad mattresses, a barbecue and a lantern.

Away from your sleeping arrangements, you can also take part in a wide variety of events around the campsite. Why not take up one of the cookery classes which sees meals being prepared using local produce? Or enjoy some stargazing once the sun goes down.

Key amenities:

Campfires permitted | Campervans permitted | Short walk to a nearby pub

Size: 75 grass camping pitches, as well as 7 hard-standing, fully serviced pitches.

Further information:

Pleasant Streams Farm

When is it open? Between Easter and September

How to find the site: Pleasant Stream Barn, Lower Sticker, St Austell, Cornwall PL26 7JL

Contact number: 01726 74837

Situated beside a lake in a rural part of Cornwall, Pleasant Streams Farm plays host to an entertaining summerhouse that’s filled with exciting games to play and books to read should the

weather take a turn for the worse. The site is also home to ducks, goats, hens and pigs — perfect if you’re an animal lover then!

When it comes to exploring away from Pleasant Streams Farm, take note that there’s a beach within a 10-minute drive and you’ll also be in close reach of the Roseland peninsular, where even more picturesque beaches and peaceful villages can be found.

Key amenities:

Caravans & campervans permitted | Campfires permitted | Electrical hook-ups

Size: Pitches for 50 tents within the site’s main camping field, as well as five vintage caravans available for rent.

Further information:

The Secret Campsite

When is it open? Between March and October

How to find the site: Brickyard Farm, Town Littleworth, Cooksbridge, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 4TD

Contact number: 07730 525560

You really will be returning to a natural way of living when you visit The Secret Campsite. This is because this campsite is for tents only — no cars or pets allowed unfortunately — and is based on a stretch of land that was once occupied by rail tracks but has since seen countryside foliage reclaiming the land.

You’ll be met with a wild feel to camping when you arrive at The Secret Campsite as a result, though you’ll soon feel relaxed as you sit around a campfire pit in a scene that is surrounded by a beautiful collection of ancient oak and hornbeam trees. Just be sure to keep an eye out for a passing deer, as they are known to live close to the site.

Key amenities:

Campfires permitted | Disabled facilities | Perfect for a romantic retreat

Size: Pitches for 15 tents, as well as a Tree Tent and the Gridshell facility.

Further information:

Ninham Country Holidays

When is it open? Between May and September (though ‘Willow Brook’ camping area is only open between July and August).

How to find the site: Ninham Farm, Shanklin, Isle of Wight

Contact number: 01983 864243

The fact that the Ninham Country Holidays campsite is situated within the ‘Garden Isle’ part of Isle of Wright — found to the south-east of the island — should instantly make this a place that you need to book a spot at.

You have a decision to make upon arriving at this campsite though; do you choose to pitch up in the ‘Orchard’ fields with its ultra-modern eco-facilities and both solar and rainwater-harvesting tech, or select a spot on the ‘Willow Brook’ field with its more basic facilities but which are still very

functional and well kept? Whichever option you go with, you’re guaranteed to make so many wonderful memories at this family-run and award-winning campsite.

Key amenities:

Caravans & campervans permitted | Children’s playground on site | Disabled facilities | Dog friendly | Swimming pool on site

Size: Pitches for 140 tents in the ‘Orchard’ camping area, as well as pitches for 80 tents in the ‘Willow Brook’ camping area (though only between July and August).

Further information:


When is it open? Between Easter and September

How to find the site: Gyrn Goch, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL54 5PN

Contact number: 01286 660295

You’d have a really good argument for stating that Aberafon is based at the most fascinating location of all the campsites on this list, as you will find a scenic, private sandy beach on one side of the site and the mountains of the Llyn Peninsula in the other direction.

Are you a fan of extreme sports? Then you’ll also be pleased to hear that the surroundings of the Aberafon campsite is perfect for canoeing downstream and paragliding. The nearby Glas Fryn Park sports facility even accommodates wakeboarding lessons too!

Key amenities:

Campervans permitted | Children’s playground on site | Dog friendly | Waterside campsite

Size: Pitches for 65 tens and tourers.

Further information:

Cleadale Campsite

When is it open? Between March and October

How to find the site: Cleadale Campsite, 13 Cleadale, Isle of Eigg, Scotland PH42 4RL

Contact number: 01687482480

What better way to start hyping up the Cleadale Campsite than to state that renowned author JRR Tolkien used to spend some of his holidays there! Inspiration for the fantasy landscapes that he created in such well-loved series as The Lord of the Rings can certainly be seen all around the site, from the imposing mountains of Rum that serves as a stunning backdrop, to its grassy vantage point that looks out towards the sea.

Even the journey to reach the Isle of Eigg where the Cleadale Campsite is based may be filled with amazing sights, as it’s not uncommon for dolphins, minke whales and an orca to all be spotted during the ferry crossing.

Key amenities:

Dog friendly | Wi-Fi available on site | Remote location

Size: Pitches for 10 tents.

Further information:

Gimme Shelter

When is it open? All year round

How to find the site: 2 Dales Farm Cottage, Duloch, Nr Dunfermline, Fife KY11 7HR

Contact number: 01383 417 681

Environmentally friendly is a common theme throughout the Gimme Shelter campsite. You won’t find any showers or access to hot water at this site, while the toilets are of a sawdust-composting style.

Before you begin to think that this is a bit too I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here for you, take note that everything at this campsite — based in the meadows and hills, just a few miles away from the Forth Bridge — is self built and sublimely improvised. Just wait until you’re feeling at your calmest around a campfire that is set amid rich woodland and playing host to fantastically designed hand-carved wooden furniture.

Key amenities:

Campfires permitted | Woodland camping | Forests nearby

Size: No size given, as the site consists of a campsite and a holiday cottage.

Further information:


*** This is a collaborative post

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