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This year in the run up to Christmas and for #Blogmas .I have decided to Interview other bloggers and find out what Christmas was like for them growing up and how they do their own Christmas’s now. Every day in December will see a new blogger and new traditions and Christmas excitement. Today we have the lovely Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy Says.

1. What is your name? Do you have children if so how many & what are their ages? Tell me a little bit about your blog.

I’m Cathryn Scott, a mother of three children – a daughter aged almost 9 and two sons aged 7 and 4.
My blog is Cardiff Mummy Says (http://cardiffmummysays.com) a lifestyle blog for parents living in Cardiff and beyond. I’ve been writing it for nearly four and a half years now and it has a huge focus on family-friendly activities and events in South Wales as well as my experiences of the ups and downs of being a mum. I’m a journalist and PR by trade but Cardiff Mummy Says has become my job over the last few years.

2. As you was growing up did you have any Christmas traditions in your house?

On Christmas Eve me and my brothers always used to put on a little Christmas play for our parents. One year we did the Nativity and I was Mary, dressed in my dressing gown and another year we did When Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney and my brother popped out of our parents’ washing basket. We would also have a special Christmas Eve tea of cheese and crackers, Twiglets, crisps, pickled onions and other snacks. I thought that’s what everybody did and it was only when I got older I realised they didn’t.

3. What is your favourite Christmas memory?

I think probably the little shows we used to put on for our parents. I can remember them so clearly.
I do remember one year waking up ridiculously early and feeling that my stocking was on my bed and realising I’d had a Roland Rat toy (he was an 80s TV character and for some reason I was obsessed with him). I woke the whole house up at like 3am shouting “I’ve got a Roland Rat!”

little elves decorating a tree

4. Did you ever ask Santa for something that you never got? 

I remember really wanting Sylvanian Families as a child. I don’t remember actually asking Santa for them… but I never had any. Thankfully Santa is a bit more organised these days and he has brought some for my daughter, which I love as much as her!

5. Have you ever had any Xmas disasters?

Thankfully no. Things have been very plain sailing so far. I did have a difficult Christmas the year I had a miscarriage a few weeks before Christmas. I found it really difficult getting through the festive season which is essentially a celebration of the birth of a baby when my own baby was no longer growing inside me. But the following year my daughter was born at the start of December and it gave that Christmas a wonderful focus.

6. How do you usually spend Xmas eve?

I love Christmas Eve. It’s full of so much magic I think I get more excited than my children. We always do something fun during the day – some years we have been to the cinema; other years we have been for a winter walk. We have a special Christmas Eve tea – as influenced by my own childhood traditions above. We sprinkle (bird friendly) reindeer dust outside; put out a carrot for Rudolph and some milk and a mince pie for Father Christmas; and hang up the stockings. We wear our Christmas pyjamas to bed; and we always read The Night Before Christmas just before bed. When the children are in bed my husband and I watch a Christmas film. I don’t mind which one; it varies from year to year. While the film is on I always write them a special Christmas card filled with anecdotes about the last year.

7. Do you have magic elves that visit? What kind of things do they get up to?

Yes! This will be the fourth year that our elves have come to visit. We have three elves – one for each child. They have come to our house to learn how children celebrate Christmas in Cardiff to help their work in the North Pole. Luckily they are not naughty elves – they are just a bit cheeky and get up to funny antics such as wrapping the Christmas tree in toilet paper or riding on my children’s toy cars. They arrive on December 1st with a box of Christmas goodies including an advent calendar (we have wooden ones and they put a gift in every night – last year it was a few pieces of Lego so that by Christmas Eve my children had a Lego set to make up); a new decoration each; Christmas pyjamas; a Christmas-themed story book for each child; and a new special Christmas decoration to put on the tree.

Naughty Elves


8. Do you have any of your own Xmas traditions? Things that you HAVE to do on Xmas day?

I have to have a Baileys in memory of my Nan. She always drank Baileys at Christmas so I have one served with ice for her.
We also all wear our cheesy Christmas jumpers on Christmas Day.

9. Do you eat breakfast on Xmas day and if so what kind of breakfast do you usually have?

We always have a festive breakfast served on Christmas plates I bought a few year ago with a Christmas table cloth Christmas mugs – the works. Most years it will be fruit juice, croissants, pain au chocolate and fresh fruit…. and some sweet treats brought by Father Christmas of course. Our elves always set up the table the night before and it looks so beautiful when we come down to see the table the tree and the gifts.

North Pole Breakfast


10. If you could have one thing this Xmas and it could be anything in the world what would it be?

I know it’s a bit idealistic but I’d just like for there to be more peace and kindness in the world. I feel so sad when I see refugees fleeing war-torn countries and then people being hostile towards them. There are so many people in this country and all over the world living in poverty or being abused in many different ways and I would love to see an end to it all. I hate violence and seeing people suffer and I just wish it could all disappear.

If you would like to check out Cathryns blog you can follow the links below 🙂


Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas’s with us Cathryn, I used to love Roland Rat!!!

If you’ve enjoyed reading Cathryns Christmas then please don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another interview


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