Butlins – Back to the 2000’s – Adult Weekend – Skegness – November 2017

A couple of weeks ago I went away on a weekend break with some friends to Butlins in Skegness. I have been several times to their weekends away and if like me you love to socialise, relax and just let your hair down then these breaks are perfect. They always have live acts from whichever decade it is that you’re at be it 70’s,80’s ,90’s or in this instance it was 2000’s.

I went to the 90’s reloaded back in March and whilst we were there we got talking to our neighbours in the chalets. Over that weekend we all became firm friends so when I found out they were going back in November I decided to take the plunge and go. Let’s face it my life hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs lately and I really felt like I could just do with the break.

Don’t get me wrong , it wasn’t as simple as packing a bag and going. I lost count of the amount of people who made a dig about the fact that I was going away without the children however, I don’t remember reading in any laws that state you aren’t allowed time to be yourself when you become a mother.


After a ruddy long drive ( I think it took just over 4 hours) I arrived at Butlins, I was mega excited, as I have been before I knew what to expect. I officially was the first person to turn up for the weekend ( Yes , I was eager, but with a fun weekend ahead of having drinks, laughs and a great atmosphere wouldn’t you be too? )

I pulled up on the car park and waited to check in. My friends were all travelling separately so it was a case of waiting for us all to meet. I checked in through the easy drive-through check in then parked up and waited for everyone else.

Around 10 minutes later the guys from March arrived and it’s crazy because although we hadn’t seen each other since March, had barely spoken at all since and we had literally only spent a couple of days together back then. It was like we had all been friends forever. I was excited to see them all ( and I’m hoping they were excited to see me too) We ditched the cars and headed to the pub for our first of many drinks of the weekend.

After unpacking ridiculous amounts of alcohol it was time to start getting ready for the night ahead. My sister-in-law Tina and friend Anna had also arrived by this point so we were good to get the weekend started. Every night there are different acts that you can go and see and there is ALWAYS fancy dress. We had chosen to go neon and I absolutely loved my outfit. It was simple but effective. Black trousers, black top, neon green bow tie , neon pink braces and very bright make up! To help save money we had some drinks in the chalet before making our way out.

We headed out to the clubs, in one room there was Stonebridge and Tim Westwood, In the other there was a Pink tribute act and B*witched. We chose the Pink tribute and B*witched and we weren’t disappointed.

We had missed the beginning of the Pink tribute which was by the incredibly energetic and talented Vicky Jackson, but we managed to catch the end and the atmosphere was insane. Everyone was dancing and singing along. Vicky definitely knew how to get the crowd going and we weren’t disappointed. B*witched followed and the atmosphere continued. I have seen them before but still enjoyed trying to do an Irish jig in the middle of C’est La vie


Saturday morning we made our way for breakfast then on the way back through the Skyline we noticed Chico from Xfactor was there, so we sat down to watch him doing block fit. I can assure you at this point we were all shattered just from watching him. How on earth people had the energy to get up and join in is beyond me but they did!

During the afternoon there was a tribute to Busted and McFly on called Macbusted , Unfortunately the sound wasn’t up right so we couldn’t really hear anything they were singing however we still continued to jump around and dance like idiots.

The day passed by in a bit of a relaxed blur and then it was time to get ready for night two. This time the fancy dress theme was school. The boys dressed as school boys and us girls were school girls. Again we had pre-drinks and we played some games, including Where’s The Dude and adult version of the charades game that involves the use of an inflatable man! We decided to call the dude Dave and now Dave is very much a part of our Butlins family.

In one room there was Lonyo, Monsta Boy and Lemar, In the other was A Robbie Williams tribute called Rob B Williams , Daft Punk – A  Tribute Band  and Atomic Kitten. We arrived a little too late for the Robbie Williams tribute but made it in time for the other acts. Atomic Kitten were fantastic ( as always! I have seen them countless times and never been disappointed) However we all got slightly confused when there with Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton was Michelle Heaton from Liberty X , They explained that she was there as Liz was busy in The Elf The musical so Michelle was a honary kitten for the night. Again the atmosphere was amazing!



A lot of people leave on the Sunday and that included Tina ( my sister-in-law) and my friend Anna , but I didn’t want to leave. I knew I could stay with the guys if I wanted to but I didn’t want them to feel like they had to babysit me. I REALLY wanted to see the acts that were there on Sunday though as they were what I would consider the best of the weekend with Ultrabeat and Cascada. If you know me you will know these guys were right up my street!

It turned out I wasn’t the only person who wanted to stay but whose friends were leaving. On Facebook there are groups for the weekends and a couple of other girls were saying how they really wanted to stay but didn’t want to be on their own. We decided to get together and create the Sunday Club. We even had t-shirts made with the words Billy No Mates on them. We all met up on the Sunday afternoon and clicked straight away. All 3 of us were very similar ( loud,think we’re funny and enjoy letting our hair down)

On the Sunday there is always a comedy club on, it is more than worth going to it’s hilarious and after a weekend of ridiculous amounts of alcohol and dancing it’s just what the doctor ordered to get your energy back for the Sunday night.

There was also a silent disco on the Sunday afternoon. Matt ( one of the guys) had gone on and on about this silent disco and I’ll be honest it didn’t sound like fun to me. I’ve walked through a few on previous visits and whilst it’s funny watching everyone else I didn’t think it would be something I would enjoy. So I headed back to the chalet to help the girls pack that were leaving and promised to join them later.

We arrived at the silent disco and I have to take back everything I previously thought and said about it, it was amazing! the atmosphere was fab and I loved the fact that there were two stations so you had some people singing something like Titanic, whilst others were singing All I Want For Christmas Is You. If you took the headphones off you could just hear a bunch of hungover 30 somethings wailing to the songs and giving some serious dad dancing. It was definitely an education and something I genuinely can’t wait to do again.

The evening came and we were all super excited, it was definitely the best out of the 3 nights, I can’t even explain the atmosphere it was incredible and I am so glad that I stayed behind and didn’t miss out. Both Ultrabeat and Cascada raised the roof!

All in all it was a fantastic weekend with friends old and new and people I have no doubt will be friends for life. Every time we go our Butlins family grows and grow.  We are already planning the next one and I really can’t wait to see everyone again. If you haven’t been and you enjoy dancing,live music and incredible atmospheres then give it a go , don’t forget to invite me though!!!

*This post is not sponsored in any way shape or form I just wanted to share my weekend with you!





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