Bullying – What happened to my happy little girl

Anyone who personally knows Annabelle will tell you that she is one of the most happy little girls you will ever meet. She has her own little happy bubble world where everything is hearts and roses. If she feels sick her attitude is “it’s OK I’ll be better tomorrow” and everything in her world is shiny and perfect or should I say WAS! Because my beautiful happy go lucky little princess is now the subject of some quite bad bullying! #BeKind

Let me start from the beginning.

We moved house in January of this year and this meant that all of the children had to start new schools. As you see from my post  Annabelles first day at her new school she was extremely excited to start her new school. In fact on her first day it looked like she would settle in just fine. However within the first week we had an issue.

I had been quite poorly and therefore Gareth had been taking Annabelle and had signed the forms for her to start. They were ringing me asking me to go in and sign the forms despite being told that I was very poorly. Then in front of Annabelle they proceeded to inform Gareth that he had absolutely no parental rights over Annabelle so I had to do it. As you can imagine this left a very sour taste in our mouths particularly as Gareth has been Annabelle’s father since she was 2 years old.

Here is where things started changing.

Within the first 2 weeks we noticed a change in Annabelle’s behaviour. She was less bubbly and more teary. Instead of bouncing through the door she would barely say a word. she would take off her shoes and coat and then lie on the sofa watching YouTube. There were no more excited chats about her day. Something that we have done with her since the day she started school.

Annabelle began to complain of nightmares and even at one point had an accident, something she has not done at all since she was 2 years old. We sat her down and asked her if everything was OK. and eventually she told us that she was being given a hard time by 2 bullies in year 5 (2 years above Annabelle who is in year 3). Immediately Gareth went and spoke to the teachers who promised to sort it. However for the following weeks she remained sad and not our usual happy and bubbly princess.

Despite asking her every single day how her day had gone and being told she was fine and being told by a teacher is was an isolated incident we then discovered that it was still going on. Gareth continued to speak to teachers who promised to sort out the problems. However it was still happening, for some reason these boys had found it upon themselves to turn Annabelle into their victim. They would stand and ridicule her until she cried and then call her names because she was crying. As a mother I can not explain to you to have your daughter going through this and try to help her but not seeing results. It was even more frustrating for Gareth who had spoken to countless people to no avail. #Bekind

So what happened next?

I had given up with the teachers and decided to go to the top, I emailed the headteacher (I was still poorly so couldn’t actually go there) making it clear that the way my daughter was being treated by older children and how we had been treated as a family was not acceptable. The headteacher then emailed me back where she informed me that she had pulled Annabelle and they boys involved into her office where the boys admitted straight away that they had been picking on Annabelle and we punished.

Annabelle continued to go to school but was so teary at home we could barely say 2 words to her without her crying her eyes out. We used to laugh and joke with her but nothing seemed funny to her anymore, my beautiful bright- eyed princess seems to have just disappeared in front of our eyes. #Bekind

Was that the end of it?

NO you see yesterday Annabelle came home and told us that she had been punched, yes you read that right PUNCHED! By another boy, this time a boy from her year. We have had an amazing 2 weeks with her at home where we saw a glimmer of hope that the old Annabelle was returning. She was happy, joining in with everyone and yet after just 1 day back at school she has been punched by a boy. Gone again is my bright eyed girl.

We have had meetings with the headteacher this morning over the incident and have set some things into place alongside the school to try to help Annabelle but we have also made is extremely clear that if this continues we will no longer be willing to send her to that school and have even applied for her to change schools.

As a mother to sit and watch your child just vanish in front of your eyes is heartbreaking. I went through bullying myself and my son Harry has also struggled with it.  I am completely dedicated to make sure that my children do not become bullies themselves and also don’t have to go through the thing I had to go through at school. You can read about my experience in my post 4 Things you didn’t know about me #BeKind

I just want my bright and bubbly little girl back, the hearts, the flowers and the rainbows. Is that really too much to ask. LEAVE HER ALONE!

Please if you have a spare few minutes take a read of Harrys Story

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7 thoughts on “Bullying – What happened to my happy little girl

  1. Oh god poor baby girl,that’s horrible.My middle child is year 3 and I had to stop an older boy shouting at him once.I was glad I caught him & I think the shock of being caught & shouted at by me was enough to stop it for us but it’s so sad that she has to go through this!Have you tried going through the school governors? I really hope it gets sorted soon.At such a young age too,just awful. X

    1. I find it amazing that they now bully at such a young age. We’ve had a meeting with the school and they have put some measures in place, we also made it very clear that if things weren’t sorted before the school transfer came through then we would not only be moving her but taking it further also. So far so good but its only been a few days x

  2. That’s just awful. Well done you for supporting her. You are right to not let things slip, each school has a bullying policy, and they should be taking action immediately, to nip things in the bud. Annabelle will also know that you have listened to her and taken action. Really hope things calm for you all.
    The bullies need the support to stop what they are doing, and quickly, things can escalate in the future, we have experienced online bullying which has been very scary, and the consequences could have been much worse. My latest blog is called Be Kind, children and young people need to just Be Kind to each other. Really don’t want my two to be friends with these bullies, just be left alone.

    1. Thank you Matthew, I fully agree most of the time there is an underlying reason about why they are bullying in the first place. The little boy who punched her seems to have some issues with his home life and is being supported with them, he has also written a note to Annabelle apologising for putting his hands on her and being unkind. I’m hoping the fact that we kicked up such a stink will highlight that there is an issue at the school and make them take more notice. I will take a read of your blog.

  3. oh no, not Annabelle too 😢 she is/was such a happy girl. I haven’t seen her for a few days so I never realised this was happening. Cheryl, could you go and see the parents or ask the head teacher to get you and Gareth and the other parents in her office about it ? I was very lucky that your school (all those years ago) did their utmost to keep you safe and away from the bullies. oh god, I hope this gets sorted because Annabelle and indeed Harry are far to nice and caring to hurt anyone. I am thinking about then both and send my love

  4. Schools are so terrible at dealing with bullying. It seems to be little more than lip service . I’m getting so annoyedwith the school system i’m seriously looking into homeschooling my oldest through to gcse’s.

    1. I agree, I considered home-schooling too but I’m worried I won’t be able to push them enough.

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