#Bullieswontwin – Jen’s Story

Last week we heard Hannah’s story and how bullying has affected her, this week we have Jen from Just Average Jen telling us what she went through.


Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi I am Jen I’m a 36 year old mum of one. I am a full time mum and a blogger which is something I really enjoy doing. My blog started because so many people said I was inspirational and should share my story when I lost weight. I lost just over 10 stone by healthy eating alone. Now I blog about food, my new interest in running, products I love, things I do with my family and lots more, basically just my life and waffles online! My blog is called Just Average Jen because when I started my weight loss journey I just wanted to be average! I had spent years being the fat one, the poor one, the loud One, the shy one, the ugly one, the spotty one etc bit I never felt average and that’s all I wanted to be!

Can you remember when the bullying started for you? Where were you? What happened?

I first remember being picked on as such at primary school when i was 6 or 7 and called fat. I wasn’t fat and looking back at photos now I was most definitely average but the girl at school called me fat once and it stuck in my head and that was the reason she didn’t play with me. I guess it wasn’t bullying in the way some people experience but it did start me on the path of being bullied in other circumstances too because it made me feel like I deserved no better and didn’t deserve friends. I was wrong of course i deserved friends.

Can you remember how it made you feel at the time?

I felt worthless and like I didn’t have the right to have friends.

How has bullying affected you in your life and how you are as a person?

For a long time I was a victim to other bullying over the years including in adulthood until I realised that I could be who I want to be and changed the bits of my life I was not happy with ie my weight and accepted other bits I didn’t like but most of all I realised that people who have nothing nice to say are not worthy of my attention and their opinions do not matter to me.


If you could change anything about your experience what would it be? What would you do differently?


I would believe people when they told me that bullies are not worth your tears because they aren’t. There are plenty of people out there whonwill love you for you. Sometimes it’s hard to see them but when you find them you see the bullies aren’t worth it at all.

If you could give one piece of advice to somebody who is going through bullying now what would it be?


Concentrate on the happy parts of your life and the people that care for you and when the bullies see they are not upsetting you and are not stopping you being happy they will have failed.
Thank you Jen for sharing your story with us, if you would like to know more about Jen and her journey or her blog you can find her on the links below.

 Jens Blog


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