#Bullieswontwin – Hannah’s Story

Last week we heard all about Victoria from Lylia Rose and her experiences of bullying. I am still completely in awe of everyone who is sharing their stories with me to help me spread the campaign and who are helping to stand up to the bullies!
This weeks story comes from the lovely Hannah from Mysouthbristolyard.

Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.
 I’m Hannah a mum of 2 and an admin  assistant.

 Can you remember when the bullying started for you? Where were you? What happened?

I was bullied from primary school on and off but it was secondary school year 7 when it became constant. It was due to having a speak problem and not have branded trainers. The girls were worse heckling me and threatening me. In the end I truanted from year 9 and stopped going to school all together by yr 11 and never doing a single exams.

Can you remember how it made you feel at the time?

 Absolutely crap, it felt like no one cared at the school, I didn’t have any siblings to stick with and I didn’t tell my mum as I didn’t like to worry her.  Back in the 90’s truancy was a lot easier than today but there’s more help out there now. I would hang out with mates, drinking and even took ecstasy.

How has bullying affected you in your life and how you are as a person?

I’m has built my character, I will do anything for anyone and kind to others but at the same time I can be hard emotionally and very stubborn. I would say that if it happened to me in my 20’s or now they wouldn’t get away with it.

althought I left school with nothing I did gain some qualifications in night college, stopped hanging around with losers, got a good job, settled down and had kids.
I have learned to be very quick at firing back remarks and standing up for myself but sometimes jump before I think.

If you could change anything about your experience what would it be? What would you do differently?

 Probably stand up for myself back then.

If you could give one piece of advice to somebody who is going through bullying now what would it be?

Speak out and fight back.

Thank you Hannah for sharing your story with me, It takes a lot to admit how things were and how you reacted to them especially when that involved taking drugs and going down a path that you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise taken.

You can find Hannah at

 Mysouthbristolyard on facebook

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