#Bullieswontwin – Annabelle’s Story Update

I know a few of you were very touched by Annabelle’s story and I thought it would be quite nice if I updated you all on what was happening. Bullying is a massive problem and that is why we have launched our own campaign #Bullieswontwin. If you haven’t already then please check out this weeks story which is from the gorgeous Renee.

So what’s happening now then?

After the last post I wrote Gareth had a meeting with the headteacher of Annabelle’s school where she was told that we do not accept this behaviour and how we are devastated at such a change in our daughter.  The headteacher took down the names of the people involved and explained that most of them had already been spoken to. The boy who punched Annabelle in the face was made to see the headteacher with his guardian who wasn’t very happy with him at all!.

Annabelle was asked what she thought would be a suitable punishment for the boy and she said that because he had done 3 things to her (He swore at her, Hit her and Stuck his finger up at her) that he should be punished for 3 days. The headteacher agreed and that is what was put in place. The boy also wrote Annabelle a letter apologising for what he had done to her and how he had made her feel.

Annabelles little book

The headteacher also gave Annabelle a little red book and in this book Annabelle can write down anything that happens at school. There is also a section for when she gets home so that if she forgets to write something down then she can add it when she gets home. She is allowed to doodle on the book and absolutely loves it. Every Thursday the head meets with Annabelle where they discuss the previous week and whether or not anything has happened that week. If anything has happened then she deals with it there and then.

So what now?

Annabelle is far happier now than she was. She’s still not back to our old happy smiling Annabelle but she’s getting there SLOWLY and the tears are becoming less. She is gaining a lot of confidence from her YouTube videos too.

We put in for a school transfer which has now come through and we have to give them an answer by half term so we have asked Annabelle what she would like to do and at the moment she would like to stay where she is.

Thanks for all of the support and please feel free to share this photo using the hashtag #Bullieswontwin to help spread our campaign.



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    1. Thank you, She will get there eventually, It is her age that makes it far worse. You don’t expect it in primary school

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