Buddy The Dog “What’s your favourite collar?”

WE HAVE A DOGGY!!!! Not just any doggy but a beautiful, amazing , cute, gorgeous labrador puppy! Gareth’s parent bought him to help Gareth’s dad with his vision but unfortunately he just kept tripping over him so we were asked if we would like him.

Obviously we jumped at the chance! He came to us with the name of Chance but I wanted something more Christmassy. ( Well you know me and my Christmas obsession). First I thought of calling him Comet as it was the only reindeer name that didn’t sound to erm reindeery. My brother visited and said “Why don’t you call him Buddy?” I said what like Santa Buddies and he said No , Like Buddy the Elf. That was that Chance became Buddy The Dog.

How is he settling?

So the first night I was a bit concerned about how he would be overnight. At Gareth’s parents he slept on their bed but I didn’t want him sleeping upstairs until he was more confident in the house and the kids had gotten used to him.

I needn’t have worried. He cried for a couple of minutes as we went up the stairs and then curled himself up on the blanket that Harry gave him before he went to sleep for the night. The only time we heard off him was when he was scratching at the door to go outside for the toilet at 5am (even my baby doesn’t get up at 5am!)


I am currently in the process of undergoing a transformation of myself. I’m attempting to lose some weight and gain some confidence. All of which is being documented in my other blog MOFM Health Kick. Getting Buddy means that I have another excuse to exercise other than just the gym or swimming.

Buddy wasn’t used to going for walks. In fact he hadn’t been for a walk at all so when I took him on his first walk he came home and literally just slept for hours! ( He is only a baby and 13 weeks old) That evening I took him to meet up with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew and their dog at a local field.

My brother asked me if I felt confident to let him off his lead, as an overprotective mummy I originally said no until everyone said they would keep an eye on him and get ready to chase him if need be but there was no reason for them to because Buddy had absolutely no intentions of moving off the field and was more interested in playing with his new friend Trigger and chasing the kids.

What do the kids think of him?

Jelly ( Ellie-Jayne) loved him instantly and you can tell by the photos nobody really gets a look in when she’s around!

Harry is a big animal lover so has been a great help when it’s come to walks and helping with the more stinky jobs!

Annabelle was absolutely terrified of him to begin with but a couple of walks and she is now excited to see him when she finishes school.

Freddie originally screamed a high-pitched squeal every single time the dog came near him but he has quickly learnt that if he walks instead of running everywhere the dog is less likely to chase him.

Beth hates him! I mean full-blown hates him coming anywhere near her. I think it’s just because he’s a puppy so still quite bouncy and she’s just finding her feet. Hating her doesn’t stop her sneaking him food off the side of her high chair though! I think she secretly likes him really!

So there you have it we now have a dog to add to our not so little brood.



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