My Bucket List – Things I want to do before I turn 40!

I mentioned in an earlier post how life is too short yet we are all wasting it and mentioned how I should probably write a bucket list. So here is my things to do before I turn 40. I’m 35 now so I have 5 years to complete my list. I think 10 is an achievable number and if by some miracle I complete them all then I can always write another ten 😉

  1.  Get a car! – I passed my test in 2011 but due to unforseen circumstances ( ok we’re skint) We haven’t had a car for almost 2 years now. This causes us problems with things such as day trips, doing things with the kids and getting to our many appointments especially now that we need a 7 seater. Even a trip to the town park involves 2 taxi’s and lots of messing around. So that is why getting a car is number 1 on my list.
  2. Complete a course – Now I know this sounds like an easy one but recently I did a course at college and got right to the very end of the course before quitting it because during one of the lessons I realised it wasn’t for me. Not only that but I had sat with lots of completed work that I was extremely proud of in my bag for weeks and it hadn’t been marked which made me lose faith. I recently enrolled onto a wedding planner course so fingers crossed this one will be marked off quite quickly!
  3.  Lose weight – I have been saying it for years but I really need to lose weight. I am overweight and in turn it has made a massive drop in my confidence. I start off good with all good intentions then something happens where I get off track and it starts piling back on again so I am determined to be a size 12-14 by the age of 40. ( Notice how I gave myself 5 years so I can still eat crap 😉 )
  4.  Go on a week-long family holiday –  With there being so many of us we struggle to be able to afford a family holiday and despite really wanting to the cost of places in the school holidays are way above our means. We have managed to get a couple of weekend breaks in but it would be absolutely amazing to have a whole week away with the kids and enjoy ourselves.
  5. Get Married! – So if you know Gareth and I you will be aware that our wedding has been on and off for a few years. There are several reasons for this the main one being a lack of money. I love him very much and really hope that before I’m 40 we actually manage to do it!  ( If I don’t throttle him first)
  6. Make new and close friendships – I don’t have many real-life friends or people who I feel I can go to if I need them the friends I do have and I am close to go through their own problems so I don’t burden them with mine. It would be nice to have 1 or 2 people that I really felt able to connect with and to spend time with.
  7.  Take part in a tough mudder challenge – I always think these look incredibly fun and would love to join in with one, I love the thought of climbing over things and getting muddy whilst raising money for charity.
  8. Take up a hobby – I have blogging which is a great hobby but I would like to find something I enjoy like a club or a group or something.  it would be another way of getting out there and meeting new people. ( omg I just realised I am actually getting old by writing this!)
  9. Get a job! – I would like to get a decent job to support my family and be able to treat them to some nice things. Due to health issues I have been unable to get a job so even if I could find something where I could work at home and still get an income it would be fantastic ( Not network marketing but an actual job)
  10.  Decorate the house – I have NEVER fully decorated a house and made it nice and how I want it so I would love to decorate top to bottom so that I can be proud to show people around.So there you have it, my bucket list now only time will tell if I actually manage to do any of themThank you for reading
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