Breast Surgery and Body Confidence

We all have parts of us that we don’t like. Even the people we assume to be the most beautiful in the world probably have some underlying issues with their body and the way they look. For me it’s my bottom half of my body. I hate the way it is and I feel like my stomach and the tops of my legs hang. I actually hate the way I look and despite appearing strong and confident on the outside. Inside I am happy to shy away. I don’t however dislike my tiger stripes. They are my medal of honour I just wish that I didn’t have the mummy tummy that went with them. I would like to blame it on pregnancy, the fact that I’ve carried 5 babies but the truth of the matter is I haven’t looked after myself and all those take-aways have taken their toll.

My friends story

When my friend was young she had noticed that she hadn’t developed as much as other people. She would often tell me how I had the boobs and she felt like I had taken her fair share. Once she hit late teens she decided to take the step and see about getting breast implants on the NHS.

All seemed to go well with the operation and she seems happy with the results until she developed an infection in her left breast. What had happened was she had developed an infection like a cyst which burst open the wound from the implant and the infection spread throughout her entire body this caused her to have septicemia and made her extremely poorly.

The doctor doubled up her antibiotics and took her to have her implant removed. When she went into hospital to have the implant removed, they discovered that the implant that she had in her left breast had already started to degrade from the infection.

For 3 weeks she had to wear a temporary fake breast to give her body a little bit of time to heal from the infection and trauma from the previous surgery. Once the infection had fully cleared up they replaced the removed implant and she recovered very well.

Her surgeon had been performing breast surgery for 23 years and in all that time this had never happened before. She had been the very first patient of his to experience this kind of infection and these problems.

Was it worth it?

When asking my friend about her surgery I asked her if she thought the whole experience had been worth it? She replied that despite the problems with her surgery she doesn’t regret it. She didn’t feel very womanly and was extremely self-conscious, once her operations were complete and she was fully healed she began to feel more feminine and gained more confidence.  She finally felt like she thought she was supposed to.

I had known this friend for a long time and we are very close and back then I wouldn’t have had a single clue that this was how she was feeling and she was so unhappy with the way she looked. To me she was absolutely beautiful both inside and out.

I feel it’s important to feel comfortable in yourself, once you’re happy in your own skin you will be happier in general. If you are considering any form of cosmetic surgery then please make sure that you research it fully and are completely aware of the risks.

If I could have any surgery in the world I would have dental implants because other than my stomach and legs I am VERY self-conscious about my smile and the fact I have so many missing teeth.

(If only we could all be as beautiful as we look in our snapchat filters eh? )

** This is post is sponsored by The Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.  All thoughts and feelings in this post have come from myself and my friend who wishes to remain anonymous.




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