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This year in the run up to Christmas and for #Blogmas .I have decided to Interview other bloggers and find out what Christmas was like for them growing up and how they do their own Christmas’s now. Every day in December will see a new blogger and new traditions and Christmas excitement. Today we have the lovely Cat from Theo Plus Grace¬†

1. What is your name? Do you have children if so how many & what are their ages? Tell me a little bit about your blog.

It is Cat here, from Instagram visual blog @theoplusgrace, our feed is based around our family adventures and what T & G get up to. We live in Norfolk and enjoy ourselves at the beach, in the city and are often found in a forest. My daughter G has already started making Christmas cards this week. No stopping the C word here.

2. As you was growing up did you have any Christmas traditions in your house?

When I was a child growing up in the 1980s, our family tradition was opening a tree present on Christmas Eve. They were gifts that were small and lightweight and wrapped in paper and hung on the tree. Often they were something to do with our interests so I often got bookmarks or a watercolour set, whereas my sister’s would get something to do with ballet or dancing. I loved getting a gift on Christmas Eve as it was so similar to the Nutcracker story and I always wanted a Nutcracker just like Clara but sadly never received one.

3. What is your favourite Christmas memory?

In 1984 my Father, who was an electrical engineer, bought home a camcorder to try. We had never seen one before and were all very excited. He basically filmed our entire day and I remember dancing to UB40s red red wine with my younger sister and eating my Mum’s homemade Christmas ice cream. We still can see the video recording except now it is on DVD, but I remember it so clearly.

4. Did you ever ask Santa for something that you never got? 

I’ve asked Santa for some many things and never received them. Along with the Nutcracker doll I have never received a crate of Geese that I asked for. They were beautiful goslings at a farm livestock auction that we had been to in the Summer in Dorset. I had wanted to take them home then so asked for them for Christmas. My Mum did look concerned when I wrote that Santa letter.

5. Have you ever had any Xmas disasters?

My Mum was once terribly ill one Christmas and when we arrived at my parents house on Christmas Eve, she was in bed very sick. My Dad had tried to start sorting out the food but it had got in a bit of a mess. My then boyfriend, now husband and I set about chopping and cooking. It got to 3.30pm and I noticed we didn’t have bread sauce my Mum’s favourite so we dashed to Sainsburys and bought the last packet hidden behind the gravy.

6. How do you usually spend Xmas eve?

Now we have kids we spend Christmas Eve at our house and create our own Christmas traditions. We invite family for a fish dish and then we walk around the town and look at the lights and use torches to light the way home (it’s very dark where we are). We then find a Christmas Eve box on our doorstep and the kids open it and leave glittery oats out for the reindeer, leave Santa a treat on our homemade Christmas plate. We then watch a Christmas film and end the evening with reading The night before Christmas, which is the last book of our book advent calendar.

7. Do you have magic elves that visit? What kind of things do they get up to?

We do not have magical elves come to our house.

8. Do you have any of your own Xmas traditions? Things that you HAVE to do on Xmas day?

Our Christmas traditions are to go and see Santa the day after we break up from school (my husband and i are both teachers) followed by pizza and a walk through the lights in the city. The kids request a bath bomb and glowsticks bath on the run up to Christmas too. We also always have a seaside walk on Boxing Day.

9. Do you eat breakfast on Xmas day and if so what kind of breakfast do you usually have?

On Christmas day morning, my Mum’s tradition from her family was Champagne, toasted bagels with scrambled egg and smoked salmon. So we always have that. It’s a must. My parents in law like this tradition so have adopted it.

10. If you could have one thing this Xmas and it could be anything in the world what would it be?

I would like to watch my kids enjoying themselves and just sit for an hour with a cup of tea. Simple things.


I’m not sure about you but I’ve really enjoyed reading all about Cat’s Christmas. I love the fact that her memories are so clear. It sounds like Christmas was beautiful as she was growing up. Thank you for being a part of this Cat

If you would like to follow Cat on her Instagram Visual Blog please follow the link below

Theo Plus Grace

Thank you for reading and look out for more Christmas traditions tomorrow

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