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This year in the run up to Christmas and for #Blogmas . I have decided to Interview other bloggers and find out what Christmas was like for them growing up and how they do their own Christmas’s now. Every day in December will see a new blogger and new traditions and Christmas excitement. Today we have the lovely Lisa from Mummascribbles 

1. What is your name? Do you have children if so how many & what are their ages? Tell me a little bit about your blog.

Hello, I’m Lisa and I am mumma to two boys – Zachary who is six and Oscar who is two. I blog over at Mummascribbles where I write all about our parenting journey, our lives, and also aim to help those who feel like they are juggling all the balls, always!

Gingerbread men

2. As you was growing up did you have any Christmas traditions in your house?

The main tradition in our house growing up was to have two lots of present opening. We would have morning presents from our sacks, and then we’d have to wait until after dinner to open the presents that were round the tree. It always seemed like Dad’s after dinner washing up took so long because we couldn’t wait to get opening again!

3. What is your favourite Christmas memory?

It has to be the times when my Mum and Dad were busy in the kitchen clearing up from dinner, and me, my Sister, and my Nan and Grandad were still sitting round the dinner table. My grandad would always be cracking innapropriate jokes or doing something silly that always got disapproving comments from my Nan. “Oh Don”, she would say, in that tone that told him he was being naughty!

4. Did you ever ask Santa for something that you never got? 

I know that there was something that I always asked for and never got but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Probably some kind of princess castle or something! I do however remember that my Sister asked Santa every year for a Mr Frosty and never ever got it. I think my Mum must have written to Santa to stop him from bringing it!

5. Have you ever had any Xmas disasters?

Oh god yes. So one Christmas, I think I must have been about 13 or so, I had asked for a pair of ice skates and it was clear that Santa had delivered them to me. I was desperate to get my sack downstairs but it was heavy and I was told that Dad would carry it. I didn’t listen though and took it myself. Just as I got to the top of the stairs, my Nan snuck in front of me and I followed behind her. Unfortunately, half way down my foot slipped, and I went sliding down on my bum, tripping my Nan up and sending her flying into the air and landing with a thump on the floor. It was awful and I felt terrible. Especially because an ambulance was called and her and my Mum spent the whole of Christmas morning up A&E. Nan came back home just before lunchtime with her arm in a sling as she had broken her wrist!

6. How do you usually spend Xmas eve?

Well back in the day we’d spend it in the pub! Nowadays we have the magic of kids and so it’s all changed. We usually bake gingerbread for Santa (and us!), watch a movie (usually The Polar Express!), and then sort the preparations out for Santa’s arrival before putting the boys to bed. We then chill out for the evening (if you believe that you’ll believe anything!), and go to bed. Nothing majorly exciting!

Family photo with Santa

7. Do you have magic elves that visit? What kind of things do they get up to?

We don’t! I feel very lucky that we haven’t been visited by the elves yet because I see that they get themselves into all sorts of bother!

8. Do you have any of your own Xmas traditions? Things that you HAVE to do on Xmas day?

I have to have certain food. Mostly consisting of sweets. But it just isn’t Christmas unless there are After Eights, big chunky white and pink marshmallows, and a posh tin of biccies! We always had them at home every year so I have to have them too! I also make sure the boys have a nice Christmas top or jumper to wear on the day each year.

9. Do you eat breakfast on Xmas day and if so what kind of breakfast do you usually have?

We are usually really boring and just have normal breakfast. It makes me feel better about scoffing for the rest of the day though!

Christmas Cuddles with the children

10. If you could have one thing this Xmas and it could be anything in the world what would it be?

My Dad. He died six years ago and I would do anything to have him back again.

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Lisa’s Blog

Thank you so much for joining in with my #Blogmas My Christmas Lisa, I have to admit I did have a little chuckle about you accidently knocking your Nan down the stairs! You can just picture it the way you described it like it was something from a comedy sketch. Although I’m sure it wasn’t very funny at the time!

If you’ve enjoyed reading Lisa’s Interview then don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more#Blogmas blogger interviews.

Thank you for reading


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