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This year in the run up to Christmas and for #Blogmas . I have decided to Interview other bloggers and find out what Christmas was like for them growing up and how they do their own Christmas’s now. Every day in December will see a new blogger and new traditions and Christmas excitement. Today we have the lovely Cherry from The Newby Tribe

1. What is your name? Do you have children if so how many & what are their ages? Tell me a little bit about your

I’m Cherry Newby and I run The Newby Tribe. I have 2 children, a girl aged 8 and a little boy aged 6. My blog gives support, advice and inspiration to primary school teachers and home educators.

2. As you was growing up did you have any Christmas traditions in your house?


Our main tradition was opening one present on Christmas Eve – which always turned out to be PJ’s. We’d all go to bed in new pyjamas and when we woke up in the morning we’d always dress in new clothes (often Christmas jumpers) before opening presents.


3. What is your favourite Christmas memory?


My absolute favourite Christmas memory is the year that I got my first hamster. I’d been bugging my parents for a hamster for months, and when I saw the cage I was over the moon. Best Christmas ever!


4. Did you ever ask Santa for something that you never got? 


I did! When I was very small I asked Santa for a roller skating doll. I really wanted her, but sadly she was too difficult for Santa to make that Christmas so I didn’t get her.


5. Have you ever had any Xmas disasters?


Thankfully no!


6. How do you usually spend Xmas eve?


We normally spend it going out and about, visiting friends or relatives, and generally getting into the spirit.

7. Do you have magic elves that visit? What kind of things do they get up to?


We have had Ellie the Elf visit us over the last few years. The first year she visited she was very naughty and trod snow through the house, took my son’s books off his shelf and spilt the breakfast cereal. Thankfully she was much better behaved last year and did loads of great things, like helping decorate the tree and feeding the cats. We are hoping she’ll be good again this year!


8. Do you have any of your own Xmas traditions? Things that you HAVE to do on Xmas day?


We have to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve – without fail! We can’t watch it before then – no idea why it’s just the thing we do! We have to open stockings first on Xmas day and have breakfast before we start to open the presents!


9. Do you eat breakfast on Xmas day and if so what kind of breakfast do you usually have?


We do! We always have smoked salmon, cream cheese and bagels for the adults and the children have pancakes, bacon and syrup.


10. If you could have one thing this Xmas and it could be anything in the world what would it be?


If I could have one thing, the only thing I would want is to have the family with me, enjoying themselves without any fussing or arguing from the kids.


Thank you so much Cherry for sharing your Christmas with us. Sounds like a very fun, festive time in your house!

If you would like to read more about Cherry and her blog you can follow the links below.






Thank you for reading


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