#Blogmas 2nd December 2017 – Bad Moms go to see Bad Moms

I’m a little late in posting the 2nd Decembers #Blogmas and that’s because my friends and I went to the cinema to watch A Bad Moms Christmas late last night. It was quite funny because I’m sure that if we all sat and thought about it we can all relate to some of the moms on the film.

Mistletoe’s up to mischief AGAIN

I woke up yesterday morning to Annabelle very excitedly shouting that Mistletoe had caused yet more mayhem. I heard something about shaving foam and a mirror and just rolled my eyes before dragging myself out of bed. I made my way down the stairs where I was greeted with a rather smug looking elf sat on the toilet roll and a very messy mirror covered in Gareth’s shaving foam! ( grumble elf grumble )

Act Of Kindness

We had originally planned on our act of kindness being to surprise a friend who suffers with agrophobia with a beautiful bunch of flowers hand delivered by the children however she was suffering from a particularly bad day yesterday so we abandoned the idea and instead decided to give the Chinese delivery man a tip to buy himself a Christmas drink instead. ( Trust me this was an act of kindness because whilst I am all for leaving a small tip after working in catering myself, Gareth is more of a Scrooge who thinks that they are ‘just doing their job’ and NEVER tips anyone, he is that annoying guy who will stand and wait for his penny change! )

The rest of our day

The rest of our day was pretty non eventful, I did try to convince some friends that it would be a great idea to have a random on the spot night out but they were having none of it hence going to the cinema instead. But I’m glad we went, It was lovely to spend some time with friends who I probably don’t see enough. We laughed and embarrassed ourselves far too much and I am pretty sure that the film probably gave us all some very very bad ideas!

I am super sure that it could help us release our inner rebels! There was a part of the film that hit me quite hard and I wasn’t expecting it. The main character Amy had fallen out with her Mum because she was constantly picking at everything that she did and eventually she flipped and they fell out. Her dad then sat her down and explained why her mum acted the way she did. Amy found her mum and they spoke about it and sorted things out. It reminded me very much of the relationship I had with my own mother only as I watched it I realised I would never know the real reason my mum was the way she was and we would never be able to have the conversation that they did. It definitely made me think that’s for sure!

Excting plans for the 3rd day of Blogmas

Our plans for the 3rd day of Blogmas include a Christmas Market, some Christmas Shopping and quality time with the children so look out for that post later on.

Whatever you are doing today have a great day and lots and lots of fun!


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