#Blogmas is here!!! 1st December 2017 – So it begins!

Today is the 1st of December which is incredibly exciting for so many reasons. The first being that it means we are one step closer to my favourite day of the entire year CHRISTMAS!!! Also it means that we get to do our very first #Blogmas! Now I had never even heard of  this until recently and I am super excited to be getting involved in it.

Our plan is to write a blog every single day in the lead up to Christmas, sharing with you what we are up to, the events we go to and our acts of kindness. We hope that you enjoy sharing our experiences with us as much as we enjoy writing them.

The 1st Day Of #Blogmas

Today is the first day of blogmas and for us it has involved opening the very first days on the advent calendars. For Freddie and Harry is was chocolate Let’s Do An Elfie Calendars. For Bethie it was My Little Pony. Annabelle and Ellie had something different this year and had Calendars from www.findmeagift.co.uk. Annabelle had the triangle 12 days of Christmas ( notice the mistake there? We didn’t realise until this morning it was 12 days of Christmas doh!) and Ellie has the Beauty surprise. Inside Ellie’s there was some beautiful glitter eyeshadow whilst Annabelles had a shower puff.

Mistletoe has arrived

We also saw the arrival of our brand new elf Mr Mistletoe, he has been sent to us via Mr Claus to keep and eye on things. Last year we had Sprinkles and Twinkles, I’m not sure where they are this year but I’ve no doubt they may appear at some point if they get chance.

No history tells us that these elves aren’t always well-behaved and sometimes get into a little bit of mischief so I’m excited to see what the elf has planned this year but I am hoping that maybe this one has learnt how to tidy up after itself!#

It’s not all bad though. With Mistletoe came a lovely buffet tea with all the junk food in the world ( no wonder I’m overweight!) We had pizza, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, onion bhajis , cakes, millionaire shortbread, crisps and so much more. It was delicious!

Our First Act Of Kindness

This year we are going to try to complete an act of kindness each day in the lead up to Christmas and today we kicked it off with a tray of goodies that we delivered to the neighbour. I think she loved her surprised and she sent me these pictures of her children enjoying them.


Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our journey to Christmas



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