Bloggers stuff!

As bloggers we are often invited to join in something called a linky, this is where we link up to each others pages and share different things or experiences with each other.

We also quite often get tagged in other bloggers posts. I remember when I first started blogging these little tags and linkys really helped me to get to know other bloggers and I would even class some of them as friends now. There is always someone around to offer advice so although this may not seem like its relevant to my blog or maybe even something you may find interesting it is worth reading them as you may just find some awesome bloggers to read.

I’m by no means any kind of blogging expert but if I do come across anything I feel would be helpful to anyone considering joining the blogging world I will happily share it.

Also if I happen to be lucky to hold any rewards in the future I will be proudly displaying them amongst my bloggers stuff.