You know what drives me nuts about school?? bloody head lice!!!

1 day , 1 little day they’ve been back and I’ve had to go through Annabelles hair, don’t get me wrong you can’t avoid them and trust me when I say your child WILL 150% get them at some point during school life and the first time you will freak out, blame yourself, wonder if you have washed their hair enough, if your kid isnt looked after properly and think you are in fact the worst parent in the world. Let me stop you right there YOU ARE NOT!
There are so many misconceptions about head lice, they only live in dirty hair, they only live in clean hair blah blah blah.

What really irritates me is the kids have just had all that time off for Christmas , surely people could have used the time wisely and spent a few minutes every night to just whack a nit comb through their hair? yes its a pain, it isn’t the most pleasant of things and yes if you find something its annoying BUT surely that is better than leaving your child scratching their poor little heads off and having to suffer with the little blighters?

I’ve spent hundreds over the years in lotions and potions trying to get rid of them and believe me when I say it doesn’t work! I am yet to find a shop bought treatment that does exactly what it says and I have tried them all, I’m pretty sure the only thing they successfully share in primary school is head lice, they just love it!
Just before they broke up for Xmas I noticed Annabelle had those wonderful little ‘friends’ and had no potions or lotions I spotted a bottle of baby oil in the cupboard and though surely that would work on the same principle as the oily stuff , so I got it and smothered her hair left it on for a couple of hours then went through it with the nitty gritty comb (best comb in the world it is spiralled so pulls the eggs off the hair , yes it’s expensive at £10 BUT very much worth it) anyway as I was saying I went through her hair with the comb and then put washing up liquid on it before washing it off (a handy tip given to me by our hairdresser as the washing up liquid straps the grease) then I went through it again with the comb and dried it and she had been completely clear until today so that was around 7-8 weeks absolutely head lice free , give it a go … honestly? it will take your time and yes it’s a pain but if everyone was to just go through their kids hair regularly there wouldn’t be half the problem there is. anyway that’s my hint and rant for the day now I’m off to bed to watch a film with the mister safe in the knowledge that Annabelle is clear again ..for now
p.s there is a blessing in all this once they hit senior school it is no longer a problem 😉

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