Blists Hill Victorian Town – Family Day Out

Yesterday we went on a well needed family day out with my Dad, my brothers and their families. We decided to take a step back into the Victorian times with a visit to Blists Hill. Other variations of the place may be Blitz hill, Blitzes Hill, Blitz Hills ( It’s one of those places that for some reason everyone has a problem saying!)


From the second we walked through the entrance door we were transported back in time. We entered a large room where there was a video playing showing life as it was back in the Victorian times and how they worked. We were all very excited. For many of us it was a repeated trip having been several times before but for my eldest brother it was his families first ever trip. My kids couldn’t wait to show them around.

First stop was the cafe for a hot drink, We were expecting it to be really expensive as in general attractions and days out seem to charge quite a lot for things like drinks however it came to less than £10 for all 7 of my brood. Then we started to make our way through the town.

The Bank

The first port of call after collecting our drinks was the Lloyds bank where we changed our modern-day money from pounds and pence into Farthings, Half Pennies and more. This is a lovely little touch and it helps to educate the kids in how money used to be and just how much you was able to get for such a small amount of money in comparison to how little you get now.

Bicycle Showroom

To the left there was a lovely little showroom with an array of old-fashioned bikes for you to see.  Including a penny farthing. 


Our next stop was the grocers, a little different from your usual corner shop now. This one had all sorts of items in it. From ‘travelling’ sweets to tins, (yes tins) of biscuits. They also had homemade jams, chutneys and sauces and even some wooden toys! 

There are genuinely so many attractions, shops and things to see at Blist Hill that if I was to individually comment on every single one we would all be here for a very long time.

There were all sorts of different shops to see, many of which had people inside them full of knowledge and willing to chat and educate us on their part of the Victorian journey. Every single member of staff that we met along our journey were more than happy to show us what they had and how things worked whilst dressed in traditional Victorian clothes.


One of the things that we all love from past experiences at Blists Hill is watching the demonstrations in all of the different little houses and buildings and for Ellie her favourite is the candle making building. Unfortunately ( and much to her disappointment) when we got in there yesterday. It was empty apart from a couple of candles hanging from the ceiling and a few small miserable looking candles hanging. In fact this was also the case in a few of the other buildings we went into that usually would have a demonstration of some sort happening or a member of staff in there for you to see.

Victorian Fairground

One of the biggest and most exciting parts of Blists Hill for the children is the Victorian fun fair. It does state on their website that this is seasonal although I can confirm that I have been all different times of the year including Christmas ( which is fantastic) and it has always been open.  The kids had an amazing time trying out the swings, the chairs and the different stalls. They particularly enjoyed where they had to roll the balls and add the numbers together to see if they got a prize. We  were super impressed when my nephew Jack managed to get the ball in the ladies mouth first try! ( I did get this on film which will be added to YouTube) The downside is that Freddie who is 3 really wanted to join in and play with everybody else but he wasn’t big enough. Even the stalls whilst he could roll the balls he wasn’t able to add the numbers. The area where the fairground is has plenty of space so it would be nice if there was something included for the smaller children.

The Bakery

My personal favourite place in Blists Hill is the bakery, I just love not only the smell but how incredibly fresh the bread is. The first time we went in there it was empty and there was a sign saying the bread would be ready from 12:30 we went back at 2 and it had all sold out bar one fruit loaf. I was a little disappointed as I’d hoped to have fresh Blists Hill bread and soup for tea but I bought the fruit bread to take home.

Our thoughts and feelings on our experience

As I already mentioned there is so much to do that it would take me forever to write it all up but I will be adding a video of our day over on YouTube for you to see some more of the things we got up to.

You really could spend an entire day here, We stopped off at the cafe for lunch which was again reasonably priced and actually we loved the fact that everything was very fresh with our baguettes being made freshly in front of us.

We were a little disappointed that many of the attractions weren’t working and we may not have been as disappointed had we been informed as we entered that some things were unavailable.

Having said that all in all we had a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable family day out and whats even better is my brother bought us an annual passport for all 10 of the museums for an early Christmas present meaning that we can return any time we like!

We loved the fact that they don’t penalise you for having a big family there. The cost for a passport is actually the same price whether you have 1 child or 20 children.

Thank you for reading and sharing our day out.

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** We were not given anything in exchange for this write up, I just thought it would be nice to share our day out with you











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