Birth Stories – Ellie-Jayne

This week I have decided it would be nice to share my birth stories with you. With 5 children every single one has a completely different experience and whether you’ve already have children or whether you are currently pregnant/planning a baby hopefully reading these will help you. Yesterday we had Harry’s birth story. Today we have Ellie!

After the struggles I had before finding out I was pregnant with Harry I decided to try again almost immediately with Ellie just incase we had the same fertility issues as we had previously. You can imagine the shock when I took a test. Harry was just 12 weeks old and here I was looking in shock at another pregnancy test that was positive.

This time I had a feeling I was pregnant because my breasts were very sore. I lie on my stomach to sleep and I’d noticed they hurt rather than just lying there in some sort of sideways comfort.  I also suddenly had the urge to drink the world’s supply of strawberry milkshake.


The pregnancy with Ellie was again fairly easy. I had no sickness just very sore boobs. One thing I did have was the overwhelming urge to smell pine disinfectant. In fact the urge was so strong I would walk around the supermarket opening the bottles and sniffing them. Thank god the urge was only for the smell and not the taste!

I remember going shopping with my parents and them finding me in the cleaning aisle with a bottle of pine disinfectant in my hand looking sheepish as I was sniffing it. Looking back now I’m sure other shoppers must have thought I was absolutely insane!

As I progressed to around 30 weeks my headaches seemed to be quite severe.  Harry was still very small but I needed a lumbar puncture to relieve the pressure. A train journey to Liverpool to a specialist hospital to have a giant needle in my back wasn’t exactly how I planned on spending my later weeks of pregnancy.

Ellie wearing a red jumper

The lumbar puncture went well and I came back home on the train ( I couldn’t drive back then) 24 hours after the lumbar puncture I was in complete agony to the point I thought I was having a stroke or something and an emergency doctor had to be called.

It was just the after effects of the lumbar puncture as my pressures were quite high and they had removed quite a lot of fluid producing a low pressure headache making it difficult to sit or stand. Thankfully within a week I was back to normal and able to continue the pregnancy with no more issues.

Labour & Birth

Again Ellie was due on 5th May ( how crazy both my older children were due on the same date!)  Early hours on 30th April 2005 I was chatting away to some friends online and telling them I had a few niggly pains. A couple commented I should probably get checked but I wasn’t really in massive amounts of pain so carried on chatting to them.

Shortly after I told them I would be back soon I needed the toilet but as I stood up I felt something trickle down my leg. Sitting back on my chair I told them it wasn’t a wee and was in fact my waters had broken.

Ellie smiling with big blue eyes

The hospital was around 20 minutes away so I called my Dad to take me and dropped Harry off round a friend’s house. By the time I had got to the hospital I was already 5 cm dilated. I couldn’t quite believe it. Despite small pains I didn’t think I was actually in full labour.

After being examined the pains began coming thick and fast. My midwife who also happened to be the midwife who delivered had delivered Harry so I was immediately at ease. Within an hour I was pushing! This was all crazy fast, one minute I was sat chatting to friends the next I was pushing out a baby!

Because of the speed of the labour my body went into shock and started shaking rapidly. My face was covered in red dots from the pressure of pushing and I felt terrible. I barely even noticed the ring of fire because my body was shaking so much that the midwife was shouting at me to stop so I didn’t crush the baby.

At 06:18 Ellie was born. As I had prepared myself for a girl with Harry and had not felt that rush of love when I gave birth to him. This time I didn’t have any expectations. I was absolutely thrilled to discover it was a girl.

We had decided on 2 names for this little princess and had decided to name her at birth. One name was Bethani-Ann the other Ellie-Jayne. Her Dad said I think she looks like a Bethani and I said she looked like an Ellie-Jayne. Clearly I won 😉


As quick as the labour was so was my return home. By dinnertime I was settled at home looking around at these 2 babies. Just a year and a week between them thinking what on earth was I letting myself in for. How would I cope with 2 babies so close together in age.

How would Harry cope after a year of being completely spoiled. Would he even like his sister? Would he feel pushed out?

I needn’t have worried because from the second they met they became inseparable and even now 13 years on they are best friends. I recently went somewhere when I was asked by someone very important if they had always been this close and my honest answer was yes.

The bond these guys have is incredible and something I admire. If you didn’t know better you would swear they were twins. In fact they are often mistaken for twins and they love it!

Thank you for reading, Don’t forget to check back tomorrow where I tell you all about Annabelle , oh and my cheese sandwich 😉



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