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This week I have decided it would be nice to share my birth stories with you. With 5 children every single one has a completely different experience and whether you’ve already have children or whether you are currently pregnant/planning a baby hopefully reading these will help you. Last time we had Ellie . Today we have Annabelle!Annabelle was my rainbow surprise baby. I had 2 miscarriages, 1 in 2007 and the other in 2008. Both were quite traumatic experiences and had led me to the decision not to have any more children. After almost dying during one of my miscarriages I decided that Harry and Ellie needed a Mum more than I needed to have another baby.

It wasn’t worth putting them through everything they had already witnessed. Thankfully they were so young that they don’t remember it now but at the time it has really affected them changing them from very outgoing independent children to children who never wanted to leave mummies side in case something happened to me.

The pregnancy

I’d already decided not to have anymore babies but what I didn’t know was that Annabelle had other ideas. At the time of deciding this I discovered I was 8 weeks pregnant. This time was very different to the other times. I guess with the other 2 I had gone through it blindsided not thinking anything could or would go wrong.

This time however the 12 week “safe” mark wasn’t as safe. I was scared stiff that I was going to lose this baby too, not only was I scared I would lose the baby but I was also petrified that I would almost lose my life again.

Due to the previous experiences and my worries the doctors agreed to give me extra scans for reassurance. I came off all of my medication because despite it never being confirmed I was sure that was the reason behind losing the others.

Time went by and with every month that passed I grew more and more confident that this baby was going to be healthy just as Harry and Ellie had been.  I had no symptoms at all other than my growing belly. Again I had skipped morning sickness and my only craving was for curry!

Baby Annabelle sucking her fingers

The labour

Annabelle was due on 5th August which was also my grandads birthday. I felt it was also a sign that everything was going to be ok.

I woke up on the morning on 9th of August and something just felt weird.  My parents were staying at my house as they were in the middle of moving from Wales back to Telford so I was sleeping in Ellie’s bed.

As I sat up I heard a pop and water just went absolutely everywhere.  As I called round friends and family to let them know my waters had gone I discovered that another friend of mine had also woken at the same time with her waters going. The race was on who would give birth first?

After sorting everyone out it was time to head to the hospital. I was put in my room and left to it. At the time I remember thinking, they haven’t even examined me or anything. I found it strange and wondered why they wasn’t doing anything. All the midwife kept telling me was that I knew my own body and to just go with whatever happened.

This was a different hospital to where I had given birth to Harry and Ellie and at the time I thought I wasn’t being looked after properly. How on earth was I going to know when I was ready.

Soon the contractions were coming thick and fast and I asked for some gas and air. I kept asking for something a little more but the midwife kept putting me off saying just wait another 10 minutes or so. Did she know something I didn’t?

At this point the contractions were almost continuous but I was starving! I sent my friend off on a mission to find me a sandwich. After what felt like forever she bought me one back.

In between mouthfuls I was having contractions and getting really frustrated. I wanted my sandwich! Every time I took a bite it was like the baby was saying no Mummy I’m coming out now.

Annabelle in a fluffy pink blanket

The Birth

I finally finished my sandwich and the contractions were now coming one after the other. Again I asked for something more and the midwife finally agreed to give me some pethidine. However as soon as she injected it into my leg my body started pushing. It was pretty much a case of injection went in. Baby came out.

This was the first time I would feel that sudden rush of love for a baby as soon as it was born. Unlike my older 2 Annabelle didn’t come out with wrinkly skin or a funny looking colour. Her skin was beautiful and pink. Her nails looked like she had just stepped out of a pedicure and she was just perfect.

As I went to hold her the pethidine kicked in and I very nearly dropped her as she slid out of my hands. Luckily I’m great at catching so she didn’t quite fall.

This baby was just beautiful and I couldn’t believe how surreal but perfect the labour was. It turns out the midwife was right and I did know what I was doing without examinations etc. I had very little interaction at all and despite my earlier worries it was possibly the most amazing birth experience so far.

Annabelle with her comforter

Disappointed children

The time came to tell Harry and Ellie that they had a baby sister. We didn’t know the sex so it was a surprise. Their response was far from a joyful one. Harry cried because he wanted a brother and Ellie was devastated because “She was the only princess in this house”

Thankfully as soon as they saw her they fell completely in love and it was no longer a problem.

Harry and Ellie holding their new sister

Check back for Freddie’s Birth Story tomorrow

Thank you for reading


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