Big School, Big Attitude

In September Freddie started big school, by big school I mean reception. In this very short space of time he has transformed from someone who occasionally had a little bit of a gob on him into a little boy with a very big attitude!

If you have read my blog for a while then you will know that Freddie is entirely his own person and behaviour has always been a little bit of an issue. Unlike the rest Freddie has his own mind and what he wants he tends to get. If he doesn’t then the world know about it.

He went through a stage where tantrums were almost constant and he was well quite frankly a little rascal! He started calming down at the beginning of this year, the tantrums subsided and he started to turn into a very charming and loveable blonde haired blue eyed boy.

Big School has given him attitude

I noticed recently that he was coming out with words that you generally wouldn’t hear from any of my kids let alone my 4 year old son. When collected from school he no longer listened.

Just the other day I collected him from school and he went running onto the other playground. I asked him to come back the right way where he just laughed and carried on until eventually managed to get him walking the right way.

When I tried to speak to him and tell him that it wasn’t OK for him to run off and to ignore me I was greeted with the words ” I don’t care what you say”

As this week has gone on I’ve noticed more and more the change in his behaviour. As I was waiting outside the school for him yesterday I was talking to some other parents who said their children have also gained this new attitude. One of the mums asked her daughter if she wanted her to take her cardigan off for her and received a string of unkind words.

None of these children were like it previously as they had all gone to nursery together, so where has this new found attitude come from? I’m hoping that it’s just a temporary glitch and they will snap out of it once they’re more settled into their new schools. Maybe it’s a case of showing off to their new friends ( do they even do that at this age?)

I know one thing, if master Freddie thinks he’s going to continue with this new found attitude he’s got another thing coming. This mummy has 32 more years of being gobby than him 😉

Thanks for reading!


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