Becoming confident : why do we let other people affect us so much?


Good evening/morning , how are you all? … I went to bed at 7 as I’ve not been feeling to well but was woken at 11 by Gareth climbing into bed and tripping over me (It’s ok you can laugh) When I woke up I had a quick nosy on Facebook then got back into bed but couldn’t sleep as I was over thinking everything, I can’t be the only person that does this? Today’s topic of thought was confidence. This is something I struggle with if you take a look at This you may understand why.

Overthinking things

Lately I have spent a lot of time getting upset or fed up due to the actions of other people ( this isn’t known to anyone really apart from Gareth) its been causing me stress and I’ve been struggling to sleep because of it. My confidence has been at an all time low and I’ve tried to correct things even though I haven’t actually done them. I have also gone out of my way to make an effort with people. I find a lot of people think it’s perfectly fine to spend their time putting others down, why do people do this? does it make them happy? Can they not see that by putting other people down constantly that it has an effect on them? whatever happened to the words if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all?

So anyway I woke up was thinking about different people, different things that have happened, worrying, debating whether I should do something about it and try again to make things better with people (and there are quite a few) and decided no, why should I? so I’ve decided enough is enough, I KNOW im a good person, I KNOW I try my best to be a good partner and a good mother, I KNOW that those who truly know me KNOW that I am a good friend so why do I try so hard to show those people whose opinions don’t actually matter? We all spend far too much time focusing on what everyone else thinks and not enough time focusing on the people who love us unconditionally. So today sparks the start of a new era for myself, one that involves me making time for those who make time for me, for me removing those from my life who don’t actually contribute to making it better and only adding worries and stresses to it, removing those who only see fit to put me down

Instant reactions of others

Immediately when I wrote something someone I considered a friend simply wrote the words ‘yawn’ now they may have thought they were being funny, or were joking but they have no idea how im feeling or what affect it can have when you’re constantly hearing things like that so I did what I thought was best and removed them, I don’t need negativity in my life anymore, I only want positive things, as they say if you are positive then positive things come your way so I am hoping that by removing all the negativity I only have happy and exciting things to look forward to 🙂 …. so I will end this long and maybe mundane to some post by saying this DO NOT let anyone put you down, know your own self-worth, you are amazing, beautiful, funny, your best IS good enough and if anyone tells you otherwise tell them to go away! .. do not let anybody make you feel less than the lovely, caring, honest person that you are. Be confident and proud of you xxx


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