Bakerdays – Letterbox Cake – Review

As I’m sure most of you know on Monday my little princess, ok not so little princess turned 13! ( How am I the mother to 2 teens argh) When I was contacted by Bakerdays asking if I would like to try one of their letterbox cakes, I’m not going to lie I agreed more for curiosities sake than anything else. I mean really how on earth do you make a cake look nice and fit through the letterbox? 


Ordering the cake was very easy and also fun. I had to select a cake from the huge amounts of ideas already on their website or design one myself, Then pick which filling I would like.

Scrolling through there were so many that caught my eye, I thought about getting her one suitable for a very young child because all this time she has been saying that she didn’t want to be a teen, then I spotted a couple of funny ones which I also thought were very good. Ellie has what can only be described as a dry personality and the funny cakes reminded me a little of Dad jokes which I always find hilarious.

Then I spotted a cute little panda holding a love heart, I scrolled through many more but I just kept on going back to the panda. I loved it.  I spoke to the design team and asked them if there was anyway that they could put the number 13 inside the heart that the panda was holding and they responded very quickly ensuring me it was no problem at all.

I decided what writing I wanted and chose a chocolatey filling then all I had to do was wait. Now what you need to remember here is I had asked for all of this stuff on a cake that was supposed to fit through the letter box?

It was then I realised that Gareth had also been offered a letterbox cake for Harry’s birthday so when it arrived we were super excited to see what it was actually like. Although we never actually managed to taste Harry’s as he took it to school to share with his friends.

It was finally my turn

After waiting what felt like forever ( for no other reason than I’d asked for it to be delivered close to her birthday meaning that I had to wait) that familiar sounding clunk hit the doormat again and Ellie’s cake arrived, When I opened it, it was even better than I had expected. The first thing I checked was the love heart and as requested they had put the number 13 inside. Then I checked the personalised writing that I had asked for which again was exactly what I requested. I was super excited to show Ellie what had been made for her.

Her birthday morning arrived and the first thing she spotted was the tin, she recognised it from Harry’s cake so knew there was a cake inside but wasn’t sure what kind. She opened all of her cards then next on her list was the cake! I think this picture says it all, she absolutely loved it.


Now I’m going to admit when it come to tasting the cake I wasn’t overly optimistic, firstly I thought with it being small enough to fit through a letterbox that maybe that would have impacted on the flavours , I also thought it may be dry or damaged from travelling to us.

Amazingly the cake was absolutely perfect in every way. Due to the way they are wrapped they are kept completely fresh. I was also surprised that when Ellie cut it up there was plenty enough for everyone and there are 7 people in this house.

The cake was incredibly chocolatey with exactly the right amount of topping so that it didn’t overpower the flavour of the cake. I would love to tell you we saved some for later but my lot love cake so it was all eaten in seconds.

Overall thoughts

I started off feeling a little bit dubious that these guys could actually pull off a tasty cake that fits in a letterbox with so much detail and I was completely wrong!

I would definitely order from Bakerdays again. Everything from the customisation ( including me asking to add things that wasn’t on the design) the ease of the website, the delivery and most importantly the flavour were brilliant!

** We were given a cake in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are entirely my own

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