Back 2 School with Uniform Additions

We were asked if we would like to try out some of Uniform Additions products with the girls not long returning to school and of course with me being a mummy that loves doing their hair and anything to do with trying to make them look pretty I was more than willing. Even more so when I learnt about what Uniform Additions actually does.

Who are Uniform Additions?

Before writing this review I had never even heard of Uniform Additions so I was interested to learn more about them and what they do.  Uniform Additions is a company that works closely with schools to provide little extras to go alongside the usual school uniforms. They make beautiful hair accessories suitable for a large range of ages of children. What’s more is they offer schools a fantastic deal where if the school orders through them, whatever they make in sales they get to keep 20% to go towards school funds. So not only do the children look beautiful in their new things but the school also benefit.

Bows and Headbands

They sent us a range of their items for each of the older girls, they did offer to send Bethie some too however we politely declined as she has no hair yet! (If she’s anything like her brother it will take her around 3 years to get some!)

For Jel they sent us a burgundy Head band, a bobble with a large bow on it and 2 small bow clips. Now I wasn’t sure what Ellie would think of these as she is now in senior school and I thought that maybe she may think they were a little too young for her, However she opened hers and had them on her head before Annabelle did and loved them!

For Annabelle we were sent 2 bobbles with bows on and a large bow. Now there is a massive craze at the moment with these bows after JoJo from Dance Moms managed to make them become a craze only the JoJo bows are really quite expensive so I love the fact that they can have big JoJo style bows but in their school colours.

I’ve just been looking on the Uniform Additions website and there are a few things on there that I would buy for the girls anyway for general daily wear let alone to go alongside their uniforms so it is worth taking a look. The prices are very good for the quality. With my girls having thick long hair we sometimes struggle with bobbles snapping or the bows coming off but Annabelle has been wearing these bobbles for a couple of weeks now and they are still perfectly in tact.

I sent a form into Annabelles school requesting that they take a look into it as I really do think the fact that they are trying to help schools raise money. The choices of colours are fantastic.

If I had to find a downside it would be that Annabelle sulked a little that Ellie had a headband and she didn’t but that OK I’m sure we can buy her one, especially at those small prices 🙂

Thank you for reading


*We were given hair accessories from Uniform Additions in exchange for an honest & review,

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