Aren’t we all just ‘Bad moms’

I’ve recently watched the film Bad Moms and its a fantastic film and everything is so true!!! …. if you haven’t seen it watch it, you will realise so many things on that film that are just examples of us as parents, mothers and who we are.We are all always too hard on ourselves and everything that we do. Bad Moms is a 2016 American comedy film directed and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore I won’t give away too much of the story line as it will ruin it for anyone who may not have seen it but it is based around 3 stereotypical kinds of mothers you have the mum who runs around like a loon ensuring the kids have healthy meals, go to all the after school clubs and extra classes, you have the mum who seemingly couldn’t care less and the mum who does absolutely everything whilst her partner looks on. They all end up together on a messy night out and decide to form a bad moms club between themselves and by taking on each others traits they see that it starts to have positive effects on their kids, anyway watch it!


I have missed school trips before, I haven’t done it on purpose in fact on one occasion I remember it clearly I jokingly said to Annabelle that she couldn’t go on a school trip because the school were charging for her to go somewhere that has a free entry, obviously they were charging because of the cost of the coach etc and I was genuinely joking and I completely forgot about the conversation until one day she came home from school and explained she had spent the day in a different class and when I asked her why she explained they had all gone on the trip to the local RAF museum. I asked her why she hadn’t reminded me about it and she said it was because I had told her I wouldn’t pay for it when I could take her myself for free, I felt terrible because I was only joking! I didn’t mean it but she had taken me seriously – BAD MOM!


I have sent the girls to school in uniform on non uniform day, I’m not going to lie, they have bought their newsletters to me, I’ve given them a quick browse, pinned it to the fridge and then never looked at it ever again, the girls have gone to school half way there when it has clicked that nobody else is wearing their uniform, by then they are usually running far too late to walk back home and get them changed so they have no choice but to be those children that go into school wearing uniform on non-uniform day and there really isn’t an excuse for it other than I didn’t pay attention to the newsletter that is attached to my fridge, in front of my face every single day of the week, the fridge that I open several times a day – BAD MOM!


I have even forgot to give them lunch until 2PM because I haven’t thought about it, I haven’t been hungry myself or I’ve been preoccupied with something else, or tied up in looking after the baby or chasing after the toddler and they haven’t mentioned the fact they might be hungry so the thought just hasn’t crossed my mind that dinnertime has been and gone and I still haven’t fed them until suddenly I will look at the clock, realise the time and think oh no its halfway to tea time and they haven’t even had any dinner! – BAD MOM! 


BUT you know what else I have done? I have raised them to be well-mannered they ALWAYS say please and thank you, they are intelligent with all 3 of the older children on the gifted and talented registered, very well-behaved ( most of the time) I taught them respect, not only that I’ve sat and watched films, taken them on days out, taken them on holiday, had family games nights, just sat and laughed with them , let them stay up late just so we can spend more time together and I HATE absolutely school holidays ending because I don’t like them being away from me so YES I hold my hands up I am a bad mom, but I’m a bad mom who would go the ends of the earth for every single one of my kids and do anything in my power to protect them and nurture them… maybe we all need to just give ourselves a break sometimes and not be so hard on ourselves , we are only human after all 


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2 thoughts on “Aren’t we all just ‘Bad moms’

    1. thank you , the film is definitely worth a watch it makes you realise that nobody is perfect and all we can do is try our best and even though we sometimes don’t think it to our kids our best IS good enough x

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