Are our teens being over tested and overworking themselves?

Last night I went to Harry’s parents evening and whilst the majority of the comments were extremely positive, saying how well he is doing and how high he’s performing. Another comment kept arising from most of the teachers and that was how Harry is overworking himself and over doing things instead of just doing what is asked of him.

Is there too much pressure to perform?

From the second that Harry hears he has a test or exam he starts revising. It’s not just a case of revising for an hour then leaving it till the next day it is a constant thing. I spoke last night to one of his friends mums Lynzey from Millie and Mum and she said how Millie is exactly the same.

Harry and Millie are in the same bunch of friends and I kid you not, when I walk into the room and Harry is on video chat these guys aren’t your typical teenagers. Most of the time you will find them helping each other with homework or revision.

Normally I would be all for doing revision, but these kids literally don’t stop. And it makes me wonder what pressures are being put on them. Don’t get me wrong I do try to encourage my kids to do well but I have always told them that their best is good enough.

It’s Saturday, Sunny and this is what Harry is up to instead of out with friends

Are they being tested too much?

The reason I’m asking this is because at the end of every term they have an exam week where they have to sit exams. Additionally to this they then have to sit tests in between.

I really understand the importance of tests and assessing how they are doing. In fact I’m one of those rare parents that actually agrees with them taking S.A.Ts however I do thing now they are being over tested. Everything seems to be an exam or a test and for my teens in particular there seems to be no time for respite.

They don’t hang around with their friends enough because they simply don’t have time with the amount of homework/revision/exam preparation they have to do.

Why is there suddenly so many tests in the first place? When I was at school we had one at the end of primary school. One in Year 9 then our G.C.S.E’s Harry is in year 9 and already has taken mock G.C.S.E’s we never had to do that at all until we hit year 10.

So I’m asking do you all think there is too much pressure on our children to perform and do well now or do you think it’s the right balance? Because I certainly feel like my teens aren’t having the same teenage experiences that I had due to constantly working.



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