Are GCSE’s Easier Now?

If you follow my blog regularly you will know that Harry is 15 and in Year 11 at school meaning it’s that dreaded year of GCSE’s. I received a text message from Harry regarding his mock exam results. It prompted and conversation between Gareth and I over whether or not we think GCSE’s are easier now.


When I sat my GCSE’s way back in the 1800’s ( 1999) a lot of our results were built up on both the exam and the coursework we had completed. Now there is no coursework involved. Surely that makes it easier for the students in some aspect. My actual exams I did great in but my lack of coursework lead to bad GCSE results.

Research and Studying

This is something Gareth actually pointed out and he has a valid point. When we were studying for our GCSE’s not everyone had the internet so for many it was a case of finishing lessons and using books to find out our information. We couldn’t just flick onto google and ask for help or search something.

Higher grades overall

Personally I find children are gaining higher grades than we were. For example I can’t name a single person out of my family/friends who’s children haven’t passed with a grade A-C ( in old money ) where as back when I sat my exams there were a lot of D’s and E’s from many people and it was only the super smart that gained the A’s – C’s

What are your thoughts

Do you think the internet has made it easier for children to research properly and the lack of coursework makes it easier or do you think it is equally as hard? I’m genuinely interested to hear your thoughts

Well done Harry

Before I go I just want to say a massive well done Harry on your mock exams that you have taken so far and wish you luck in the rest. I’m very proud of you

Thanks for reading



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