Aquabeads Disney Playset – Review

A while back I was asking if anybody had anything they could recommend for an 8-year-old girls birthday. Annabelle was turning 8 and I wanted to create some form of gift guide to help other parents who may struggle with ideas. We were offered the chance to review Aquabeads Disney Playset.

When Annabelle opened her Aquabeads she was super eager to get started straight away. Unfortunately she has a younger brother and sister who would just mess with the beads so she had to wait until a suitable time before she could play.

What exactly are Aquabeads?

They are tiny little beads that you put into a little template and once your design is done you spray it will water and it sticks itself together. Long gone are the days where our parents used to have to stand there for hours and hours with an iron trying to do it. The beads appear to be coated in a kind of glue that is activated when it’s wet. Therefore it is no fuss and no mess ( This is something I particularly liked!)

So what did we think?

After we discovered which way round everything went ( which would have been much quicker if we had just read the instructions in the first place) Annabelles first attempt was Rapunzel. Now she isn’t the most patient of people and for a very long time she was the baby so therefore is a little bit of a pampered princess. So after discovering it was quite fiddly she declared that she couldn’t do it and asked her big brother to do it for her instead.

Once she had watched her brother she realised actually it wasn’t as hard as she first thought it was and then proceeded to make her own. She loved spraying them then waiting for them to dry. She¬†was also fascinated that she could just spray them with water and as if by magic they just stuck together.

I personally think this is perfect for someone of Annabelle’s age and I love the fact that they don’t HAVE to follow the pattern if they don’t wish too so it can actually spark their imaginations.

Overall thoughts and feelings

Aquabeads was a big hit for both myself and Annabelle. If I had to point out a downside it would be that they seem to provide you with just enough to do each pattern so unless you purchase the spare sets you can’t play for very long.

This would be a fantastic birthday gift or Christmas present and there are plenty of sets to choose from. I love the look Annabelle loves the look of the Cinderella one!

  • We were given an Aquabeads Disney Playset in exchange for an open and honest review on our blog. All thoughts and feelings are entirely our own.

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