April The Giraffe has given birth! and we were watching the whole thing!

Yay well done April, you are finally a mummy!

We have been watching April the giraffe since around the beginning of March eagerly awaiting the birth of her new baby giraffe. As some of you may know I call Gareth giraffe and Freddie was my babba giraffe so for us this has more of a sentimental feeling than just watching a giraffe give birth.

Gareth had taken the elder children to a birthday party when I saw on Twitter that the hooves were out. I quickly loaded the live feed so I could watch. The hooves appeared to be there for absolutely ages and when Gareth and the children came home I excitedly told them that April was finally giving birth.

What a magical experience

We all sat round as a family even with Bethie on my lap willing April along. I had the feed on the TV, Gareth had his on his phone, Harry was watching on his phone be we were all sat together willing this beautiful animal to give birth.

Excitedly we watch as first the hooves came, then the nose. April then gave the baby a little clean up before she got to work doing some more pushing.  We could see a little eye and then a tiny ear popped out! It was an magical thing to watch and how lucky we all have been to be able to watch the experience LIVE!.

Another little clean up and April was ready to push some more out popped the second ear and you could see a clear view of the face. Gareth had managed to find a live feed from one of the parks rangers so we literally had front row seats as all of this happened. Finally with one final massive push the baby giraffe was born.

So excited!!!!

The kids, Gareth and I all clapped and gave April a big cheer aswell as shouting well done April. Not only did we get to see the magic of a giraffe giving birth but we also shared the moment as a family. Every single one of us enjoyed the experience and we would like to thank Animal Adventure Park for sharing their experience with us.


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