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Today whilst doing some shopping Gareth and I decided to grab some breakfast. As it was 10:30 we called ahead to check if it was still OK to go and get breakfast, to which we were told it was fine as they were serving until 11Am. 

How do I even get in there? 

Off we went to get our breakfast, as we approached the Apley Arms (Toby Carvery) I noticed that the sign posting for the entrance to the restaurant and also the attached Travelodge wasn’t very clear. As you approach it, it looks like you can turn left into the area however as you go to the turn ( literally right next to it) there are no entry signs, and even those aren’t obvious from the driver’s seat.  Luckily I have grown up in the area so knew that I needed to go to the island and turn left.

Our Experience

We had chosen the Toby Carvery as we knew they were doing all you can eat breakfast and it was our last blow out before we go on a bit of a healthier diet. As we entered I noticed a sign that said ‘wait to be seated’ there was nobody around so I made my way to the bar where I asked if we had to wait to be seated or if we could just find our own. I was told that I could find my own seat as long as it was on a certain side to the restaurant. She also informed us that we just needed to come to the till when we were ready to order.

As we searched for a table I noticed that there were a lot of dirty plates all over the tables. Now I have spent many years working in restaurants, in big holiday parks, pubs and more. Some at a senior level so I am more than aware the odd table can be missed or remain dirty for a while particularly on busier times such as breakfast time however this restaurant was practically empty. It was far from busy and I genuinely couldn’t see a reason why the tables were so dirty. We took our seats and then Gareth went to the bar to order and pay for our food. On his return he commented how the person behind the bar seemed more interested in the paperwork she was doing at the bar than she was in serving him.

The food…

Like I said previously it was an all you can eat buffet so was help yourself. Gareth went first and came to the table with a plate of food then I went next ( we had a sleeping baby with us so couldn’t go up together) As I approached the food section I was a little confused that there were Yorkshires and gravy there at breakfast time*. If it was close to 12 then I would understand as they would be setting up for lunchtime but this was 10:30 am?  I then looked at what was on offer, there was a corner set out with bread , jams and a toaster, then on the hot plates there was Yorkshire Puddings & gravy? Sausages, Bacon , Tomatoes, Fried Egg, Scrambled egg, mushrooms and beans. The sausages looked burnt and the bacon was very fatty. The eggs were very nice though!
I am fussy and due to this I had just toast, egg, bacon and tomato. I was hoping there would be hash browns or something you would usually find on a cooked breakfast but there was nothing extra to what you would get in a children’s breakfast at most restaurants.

my food was OK , I had already taken the fat off my bacon.

I made my way back to Gareth who stated he wasn’t enjoying his food at all.
He said ” The sausages were burnt, the mushrooms were cremated, The bacon was fatty. He’s unsure why there were Yorkshires and gravy. The glasses were dirty, the orange juice was warm straight from a carton on the side and not the fridge. The tables were dirty and there were no waiting staff. There was no atmosphere in the place at all and he has no intention of returning again for a breakfast. In his own words
“I wouldn’t return as I didn’t feel welcome there , it was dirty and the food was awful”
( You need to bear in mind at this point that this guy NEVER complains and will eat almost anything edible! ) . I started eating mine and I will be honest it was OK , It wasn’t fantastic but wasn’t the worst food I had eaten either. It was alright.  The whole time we sat there nobody came out to clean a table and they were building up around us. Just as we got ready to leave a waitress appeared and cleared a couple.

( Apologies to the girls in the corner who may think I was trying to take pictures of you, it was actually the dirty table to the side of you that had been filthy the whole time )


We wouldn’t go back, if the restaurant area is that dirty it makes me wonder what the kitchen is like. The food was alright from my point of view ( baring in mind I barely had anything) and the things I didn’t have that Gareth did were burnt. I won’t be recommending Toby Carvery Shawbirch to any friends or family.

Thanks for reading

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* I have since checked the menu and apparently Yorkshires and Gravy are normal for breakfast ( uh huh)


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3 thoughts on “Apley Arms – Toby Carvery – Breakfast – Restaurant review

  1. Well I can’t say I blame you about not going back to this place , it really sounds terrible, I have done the same thing time and time again , you would think I learned the lessen the first time but no I didn’t, tell ya now if I go into a place that has dirty dishes on the table an no one around I will leave that place an find another place to eat and I will check out the food at the bar to and if it’s not good looking I’m gone to another place.. One question I have about (Yorkshires and gravy ) and (Yorkshire pudding ) I not sure what that is but I’ve heard it a lot ? Should have looked it up I guess sorry ! Great review of this place , you should send it to the paper with the pictures of the place and they may run it in the paper , maybe they would clean up there act !!

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