Annabelles first day at her new school

You will have to forgive the featured image .. I have to point out this is not how we sent her to school this is how she returned from her first day at her new school 🙂

We had a little bit of a battle to get her into the school that we wanted . The school we chosen is quite a small school and their ofsted report was mainly ‘outstanding’ so it’s quite difficult to get transferred into. However I persevered and eventually after they held a meeting we got her in!

All ready to go!

This morning a very excited but nervous Annabelle came bouncing down the stairs ready to start her first day at school. The thing with Annabelle is she is so positive about absolutely everything that nothing ever phases her and the first words out of her mouth were “I bet I find a new best friend before the end of the day” our reply was , ” you know what Annabelle we have absolutely no doubt that you will ”


So off she trots with her bag on her shoulders , hair neatly in a French plait and her trousers and shoes on. Her pennies in her hand ready to collect her new t-shirt and Cardigan from reception as she gets to school , and she barely even looked back at me as she ran out of the front door ( Gareth had to take her as I’m suffering with mum flu).


Gareth returned and told me she had gone in no problems and the teachers ushered him out telling him to return at 3:15 . The day dragged like mad despite lots of smelly nappies and the rest of the tribe to take care of and then after what seemed like forever it was home-time! Yay I couldn’t wait to hear about her day and find out what she thought of her new school.

Of course she did it!

She told me she was right about finding a new best friend. Her name is Ruby and she’s a very nice girl, there is also a boy who spent the whole day following her around and chasing her on the playground. He even asked her to marry him! Her teacher is apparently very much the same as her old teacher just the girl version (hahaha)

so I asked her , would you like to go back to your old school then?? and her reply was

NO WAY!!!!

I would say that was a very successful transfer from one school to another. Clearly this mummy was far more worried about it than Annabelle was! …. tomorrow it’s time for the older 2 to start their new senior school they are tucked up in bed and VERY nervous….





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