ANNABELLE REVIEWS – Fairy stories and CD by Shirley Barber

Today Annabelle has chosen to review one of her favourite books that she enjoys reading before she goes to bed. One of her most favourite things in the world is fairies, so this book was the perfect thing for her to choose to review. She has created a video on Youtube to tell you everything you need to know.

The Blurb

” Look at the pictures.  Listen to the stories. Turn the page when you hear the tinkle of the bell. Shirley Barber’s enchanting illustrations and stories will fill children’s imaginations as they lose themselves in the magical world of mermaids, fairies and unicorns.  Here are four best-selling Shirley Barber books in one big volume”

About Annabelles review

In her review Annabelle reads you some of her favourite story in the book. She explains what she likes and isn’t so keen on within the book. She excitedly tells you all about the book and shares with  you some of the illustrations . I think you will agree that considering her young age she has done a marvellous job of reviewing this book and she is very excited to look at reviewing more things in the future.

Fairy Stories and CD is an incredible way for children to use their imaginations and go to a magical world far from the hum drum of real life. Every princess needs fairies and unicorns in their lives and Annabelle is no different. Every evening before bed she will spend half an hour reading and this book is often top of the list of things to read.

I think for her very first review Annabelle has done an incredible job  and really helps you to get a feel for the book and how magical it is for children. Well done Annabelle!

You can watch her review HERE please feel free to comment on her review or leave us any feedback that you feel would help Annabelle. Also if you have also read this book why not let us know what you thought of it?

If you would like Annabelle to review something for you please contact us via the contact button.

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