Annabelle Review – Cadbury Wispa Easter Egg

Today Annabelle chose to review one of her Easter Eggs , She absolutely loved receiving a mountain of eggs but today chose the Wispa due to it being her favourite. You can watch her review right HERE.

Wispa eggs are made by Cadbury and contain 1 large egg and 2 full size Wispa bars. They come in a colourful box with all of the nutritional information on the back. Whilst doing her review Annabelle loved the fact that the box has a little Easter Bunny holding her favourite bar on the side.

There’s even a website

There is also a little piece on the side that says join in this Easter here is the  LINK if you would like to have a look or play the games, We have since taken a look and you are able to play games, search for a local Easter egg hunt. Find recipes for the kitchen ,Arts and Crafts and more! It’s actually pretty cool! The site is extremely easy to navigate your way round and great for the little ones to get ideas from.

Opening the box

Upon opening the box Annabelle discovered a little white basket holding both the egg and the chocolate bars. The egg was wrapped in the ever well-known purple wrapping with Cadbury over it. It was actually nice to see that the chocolate bars were of a full size instead of fun-sized.

She did struggle a little bit to open the box compared to the smaller eggs, in fact if you watch the video she had to stand up for extra force. However she found this funny and enjoyed it being a part of her egg opening.

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