An Awkward Teenagers gift guide

When it came to Ellie’s birthday trying to find out what she actually wanted was like getting blood from a stone. She really didn’t have any clue and had everything already. So I thought after many nights and dragging it out of her what she would like I would write this gift guide so that other mum’s didn’t have to struggle quite as much.


yes you read that right, after many conversations Ellie revealed that for her birthday she would like a kitten. Personally I am not a fan of cats at all but seen as she didn’t actually need or want anything else I decided to let her have one. Before I agreed I made sure she was aware that this cat was hers, it was down to her to feed it, clean it’s litter tray and make sure it was ok. I also told her that the cat would be her main present due to the ongoing costs of keeping it. Buying food, litter, toys and vets bills. She was over the moon with that and so off we went and collected Coal.

personalised notebook from

This gorgeous little book was given to us by Gift Pup. If you know Ellie you will know 2 things. 1 that we call her Jel and 2 she loves anything to do with writing and drawing. So when we were offered the chance to try this beautiful little notebook I jumped at the chance.

The book was able to be fully personalised with the wording I wanted on it and its small enough that it fits in her school bag without taking up too much room but big enough to write whatever she need in it. Let’s face it all teenagers need somewhere to write about their latest crush.

Impress nails by kiss

My daughter has pestered me time and time again to get acrylic nails. Unfortunately with school and other things it just isn’t practical for her to have them. So when I was approached by Kiss asking if I wanted to try her nails of course I said yes. Ellie could finally have the pretty nails she wanted and could wear or remove them whenever she wanted.

They’re perfect for teens and tweens as they’re sticky tabs instead of the traditional glue-ons, meaning no damage is done to the nails. At £7.99 and stocked in Superdrug, they are an affordable and accessible option

t-shirts from mo5m 

As you may or may not know I have recently decided to attempt to build my own business selling t-shirts, it is still very early days but I’m hoping one day it will be a complete success. One of the benefits of this is when it comes to birthdays for awkward kids I have something ready to go. These 2 t-shirts were made according to her personality.

She also had a huge party and many other bits and pieces including a beautiful cake from Bakerdays, you can see what we thought of it in my blog post.


** some items were given to me in exchange for an honest review

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