Afternoon Tea – Telford Hotel and Golf Resort – Review

On Thursday my friend Anna invited me out for a treat. We’ve both had tricky times recently and she thought it would be nice if we could go out for the afternoon and just relax and enjoy ourselves. She had purchased a voucher from Group On for a spa day. So the plan was that we were going to go to the spa and then enjoy an afternoon tea. Although the voucher ran out on the day we wanted to use it , it was the only chance we had to go with work, children and daily life so my friend was disappointed when she called and was told that she couldn’t use the voucher and it would now go to waste. However she decided to still go for the afternoon tea.  Anna had already been for afternoon tea at the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort a few weeks ago and had really enjoyed it so invited me so I could experience it too.

Our experience with Telford Hotel and Golf Resort

We walked into the building and I am very grateful that Anna knew where she was going as I didn’t have a clue and if I hadn’t have been with her I would have struggled to find it as it wasn’t very well sign posted and there didn’t appear to be anyone around to ask either.

As we entered the area for the afternoon tea we made our way to the bar where we were greeted by a friendly guy called Adam. He explained to us that we would have to wait for 30 minutes as we hadn’t pre-booked and we said it was fine as it would give us chance to have a catch up whilst we waited. He advised that he would bring our drinks over to us.

We made our way to the eating area where we were stopped by the waitress who informed us that all of the tables were reserved for the people using the spa and asked if we could either return to the bar area or we were welcome to sit on the sofas at the side of the restaurant. We opted for the sofas and sat down to have a chat and wait for our food.

The food

After we had waited the waitress bought over our food and my initial reaction was “oh look at that”, it had been served to us on a little picnic bench. I took photographs and then Anna explained how she wasn’t very happy at all as it was nothing at all like the quality of the food she had received a few weeks prior.  ( please bear in mind when you look at the pictures that my friend had paid over £30 for this food!)

I took a closer look and I genuinely couldn’t really tell what sandwiches were which so I picked up the menu to try to figure it out. I then noticed that the menu stated the scones were warm and that there was a selection of cakes however one of ours was missing.

Anna called the waitress over to ask her to tell us which sandwiches were which and even the waitress struggled to tell us. She actually said “It’s hard to tell in this light isn’t it” After mumbling and deciding which she thought was which she went to leave as Anna explained that she hadn’t finished her enquiry yet.


She then mentioned that the scones were cold and one of our cakes were missing and how she was actually very disappointed as when she had been previously the food quality and service had been much better. At this we were told ” 5 or 6 people raved over it yesterday”.

This immediately got us upset as obviously we weren’t asking how people found it yesterday and it wasn’t even as if the statement had been said in a friendly way. In fact the waitress then whipped up the food off the table and took it into the kitchen.

So What Happened Next?

The waitress returned around 10 minutes later and explained to us that the chef had called the head chef in order to try to figure out what the issues were that we had. By this point we were beginning to lose patience. We had already stated a desert was missing and that the scones were cold rather than warm as advertised.

We had waited around for quite a while longer when Anna expressed to me that she was now concerned about eating the sandwiches after they had been sat around for so long particularly as one of them contained fish and we decided that we would just like to get a refund and find somewhere different to eat. By this point we had been in there a total of 1 hour and not eaten anything. We instead had spent a lot of time trying to explain to our waitress what our problems were.

Anna made her way to the bar to request a refund then returned to our seating area. A short while later the waitress returned again this time to tell us that the duty manager was on his way down.

You really have to understand at this point that we had gone through the waitress, to the chef, to the head chef and now the duty manager when in actual fact if the waitress had simply apologised , warmed the scones and fetched our missing cake none of it would be necessary we still would have been very disappointed in the food but we wouldn’t have had such a large issue.


The duty manager came down and asked us what the issue was. We started explaining to him what had happened and the fact that the waitress had said to us that 5 or 6 people had raved about it the day before and that we thought the way it was said was very rude to which the manager said ” Well she’s telling the truth 5 or 6 people were happy with is yesterday”.

Now I am all for a manager sticking up for their staff. In fact I admired the fact that he stuck by her 100% However when that manager continues to have the same rude attitude then I have a problem. We continued to explain what had happened when the manager cut us off midway through speaking and said ” Right ladies let’s not waste anyone else’s time and get you a refund”.

The tone of the voice was of one that didn’t really care about anything we had to say. He asked us to follow him into the main reception of the hotel ( as they couldn’t issue refunds where we were) and handed us over to the receptionists whilst quite sarcastically saying to the receptionist ” These lovely ladies would like a refund on their afternoon tea” My friend was then informed it would take 3-5 working days for the money to be returned to her bank.

By this point my friend was very upset and we decided to look around and try to find somewhere else to try to make the most of our very rare child free afternoon.

Overall Thoughts

We had very high hopes about the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort and in actual fact I am struggling to find a positive. One positive I will state is the staff behind the bar were very polite and their customer service was fantastic. It’s just a shame the same can’t be said about the rest of the place.  For the cost of over £30 the food quality was actually awful.

Thank you for reading

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