Afternoon Tea – Mercure Madeley Court Hotel – Review- How it SHOULD be done

You may have already read my review of my afternoon tea at the Telford Hotel and Spa and the fact that well quite frankly we didn’t enjoy it at all. After we left there we decided to call the Madeley Court Hotel and see if they could fit us in. They asked us to bear with them and they would call us back. 5 minutes later they called and told us they could fit us in so off we went to attempt afternoon tea for the second time that day.

Our Experience

Now before I go into detail about our experience I just want to thank the Hotel and Golf Resort because if we hadn’t have had a bad experience there we may never have gotten to experience the fantastic food and service offered to us by the Madeley Court Hotel.

As we pulled into the car park we were immediately impressed by the building itself. Despite growing up in Telford I have never actually been to Madeley Court before this visit so for me it really was a whole new experience.

We walked towards the doors and I couldn’t resist taking a photo. You see whilst going to these hotels I’ve also had my wedding at the back of my mind so I was super excited to see this building.

From the second we opened the doors till the second we left the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. The receptionist introduced us to our waitress who introduced herself and then proceeded to show us around the hotel. We were given a choice of places that we wished to sit and eat our afternoon tea. From the bar , the restaurant or one of the lounges. The whole building was just incredible to look at. I mentioned how much I loved it and how it would make a great wedding venue and our waitress kindly offered to show us around some more.

She took us over to The Mill where they hold the majority of their weddings and explained how they set the different things out and how many people it would hold. She then took us back to the main hotel and told us to go and relax and she would be with us shortly with our food and coffees.

The lounge we chose had 2 giant sofas, a fireplace and 2 arm chairs next to the window. Even with the rain beating down on the windows it was just beautiful. The whole feel of it was warm and comforting. The fire wasn’t on but it didn’t need to be I could just picture myself curled up in front of the fire with a nice book. It really screamed everything that I loved

My friend Anna enjoying the surroundings

The Food

After a short wait our waitress arrived with 2 giant cake stands filled with incredible fresh food. It was clear from the second we saw it what each piece was but even if we hadn’t have known it wouldn’t be a problem as she stood and told us exactly what each piece was. This was a lovely touch after not being able to even tell what each sandwich was in the previous hotel.

Even the coffee was really lovely and well presented. We sat back on the sofas, relaxed and enjoyed a chat with our lunch and drink. We were discussing how old the hotel may be and talking about the fact that even though it was raining outside it didn’t spoil anything.

Overall Thoughts

The difference in the atmosphere, service, food and actual building for the same price was incredible. I am glad we ended up at the Madeley Court Hotel and I am genuinely considering it as our wedding venue when the time comes. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Gareth all about it and share the photographs from our experience.

I couldn’t recommend this afternoon tea enough, the food was fresh, neatly presented and there was more than enough. We actually couldn’t finish it all.

Thank you Madeley Court Hotel for your amazing hospitality. We will be back!

 photo 3DB12B9107F2523C5BD997C813AC89AF_zpszqjdtiag.png

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